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Why TGO?

Pay for the value you receive!

Every solution we provide is value driven. Prior to commencing any engagement, we work with our clients to develop a tight scope and determine the success criteria so that we can GUARANTEE and deliver the right solution for you.

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Who we work with

Maximize Your Investment

We are committed to working with you and your team to maximize the return on your technology solution. Once an implementation is successfully completed, our innovative Assurance Plans protect and enhance your investment by providing ongoing support, optimization and training services so that your users get the most out of your system.

Make a Difference. Do it Right. Do it Together.

Our expertise

TGO – Experts in Business Solutions

TGO Consulting has been helping companies since 1988, enabling them to move their businesses forward through the implementation of financial and business solutions.

Our team of highly skilled professionals and industry experts has delivered over 2,500 successful projects, providing leading-edge solutions that incorporate a mix of technology and innovative strategic consulting.

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