4 Ways PNMsoft Sequence™ is like a Football Midfielder

Posted on: August 9, 2015


Topics: Business Process Managment (BPM), Workflow

Business Process Management

Now that the Women’s World Cup is over and the Gold Cup Bracket has been set, do you ever find yourself dreaming of chasing a ball across a massive sea of green, dodging defenders, making the perfect strike to yield the final goal that ends the game?

Maybe that’s just me.

But in my nostalgic daydreaming, I began to think – the organization of a football team is similar to the organization of a business team, the perfect combination of strikers, defenders, and the all-too-important (but often underappreciated) midfielders.

If we follow through with the metaphor, then the “midfielder” of workflow automation has to be PNMsoft Sequence™.


First, and this is probably the most obvious connection – agility. Midfielders have to be agile in a way that differs from their striker teammates. They must be able to react quickly to new and challenging situations while maintaining their awareness of the rest of the field (more on this in point three). PNMsoft Sequence™ offers drag and drop process design canvass, enabled integration of workflows with ERP, LoBs, and Microsoft Office, and easy extension to mobile devices, all to increase your company’s agility and simplify the generation of workflow solutions.

Streamline development of workflows

Second, the optimal midfielder must be positioned between the defenders (in this case, you, the leader) and the forwards (the rest of your organization’s team), enabling the forwards to score while helping the defenders to prevent the other team from scoring. By streamlining the development of workflows for administrators, PNMsoft Sequence™ works similarly to enable your organization to operate in a way that yields success for your business while allowing you to focus on the bigger picture functions that “defend” your company. This positioning, combined with the agility of Sequence’s platform, allows the administrator to seamlessly integrate new clients without losing precious time fighting to communicate expectations to your team members.

Adapt to any situation

Third, midfielders must command a certain intuition about the game at hand. They play whatever role is required in the moment, and must both quickly assess and immediately adapt to any situation that arises. In this same vein, midfielders must be dynamic, capable of translating their awareness of the field into productive action that contributes to the success of their team. PNMsoft Sequence™ also meets this need for businesses – Sequence empowers your company to generate and maintain multiple versions of any given process, meaning your company can adjust for every situation and fine-tune the process (or “play”) that works best for you and your clients.

Intuitive design

And finally, the midfielder really makes or breaks a game – their success at being agile, intuitive, and positioned appropriately directly affects the productivity and efficiency of the rest of the team. PNMsoft Sequence™ does this too – by supplying the most agile workflow-driven solutions, with intuitive design and data processing and the best position between you and the rest of your team, Sequence eliminates the distraction and frustration that can destroy productivity and efficiency in your team. Sequence makes delegation of tasks as easy as doing a handspring off of a football – well, maybe a little bit easier than that.

So maybe I’m a little obsessed with football, but I think there are some real connections between Sequence and the midfielder position. While midfielders must be capable and willing to do whatever is necessary to help their team succeed on the field, Sequence is determined to provide the same stability and consistency for your business.

PNMsoft Sequence™ makes every game your team plays a World Cup Championship, and your team the inevitable winner.

Are you ready to score big? Contact TGO Consulting today to find out more about how PNMsoft Sequence™ can revolutionize your business.