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True Sky®

True Sky CPM

Simplifying the Budgeting and Forecasting Process…

True Sky simplifies the budgeting and forecasting process for companies using Excel.

How True Sky helps:

True Sky can help CFOs in four key areas.

Align strategies and priorities:

  • Access decision grade information from a single repository
  • Easily involve the right people in the process to gain wider insights
  • View the reasoning behind the numbers
  • Ensure everyone is working with a single version of the truth

Meet financial targets:

  • Implement validation rules that improve the quality of the data
  • Configure approval flows to ensure commitment and accountability
  • Quickly identify core issues with deep dive analysis
  • Run What If scenarios to determine the best path to reach desired goals

Adjust rapidly to market changes:

  • Manage the entire process through the office of the CFO
  • Build new data models and templates on demand
  • Deploy reusable content that dynamically adjusts over time
  • Effortlessly update rolling forecasts and long term projections

Avoid surprises:

  • Access automatically consolidated data live and in real time
  • Review audit trails to identify errant entries
  • Integrate directly with source data and update as often as needed
  • Safeguard against unauthorized access and edits to the numbers

Why True Sky?

Businesses looking for a robust budgeting and forecasting solution can rely on True Sky to handle their specific needs, while still remaining intuitive and easy to use – even for users who are not in finance.

True Sky allows you to:

  • Minimize training time since administrators and end-users can leverage their current knowledge of Excel
  • Enable your organization to switch the focus of the planning process from data capture to that of performance management and information analysis that can be used to move your business forward
  • Reduce the effort required to manage your process through the use of centralized control, dynamic security models and reusable content
  • Encourage accountability throughout your organization by easily providing users access to data input forms and analytical reporting
  • Facilitate driver-based budgeting that allows your organization to capture critical data that is often overlooked, but can have a material effect on your bottom line or margins
  • Promote a shift from once-a-year budgeting to rolling forecasts and provide more accurate and up-to-date business decision making information
  • Capture numbers as well as the thought processes behind the numbers to help ensure that your data makes business sense

“The elegance of the True Sky product is that it harnesses the power of Microsoft Excel, SharePoint and SQL Server to deliver a solid and flexible solution for budgeting, planning and forecasting.”
Brian Armstrong, CFO Microsoft Canada


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