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True Sky™

True Sky CPM

The Power of Excel with the Control you Need

True Sky is a sophisticated budgeting tool that is embedded into Excel giving you the added functionality for complex forecasting, budgeting and planning requirements.

Budget in Excel

True Sky allows end users to enter planning information in a familiar and easy to use tool – Microsoft Excel. While other products promote their Excel look and feel, the True Sky interface is Excel and therefore provides all the traditional functionality users have come to expect. In addition, True Sky provides a set of integrated tools specially designed to speed the planning process and aid the user with their assigned tasks. Management teams can easily build spreadsheets, add users, run templates and reports. With little training, True Sky ensures budgets are rolled out to users who have valuable input in the budgeting process, making it easier to create accurate budgets. It enhances Excel with important functionalities, to deliver an added layer of customization and control that address each organization’s unique budget and planning needs.

The elegance of the True Sky product is that it harnesses the power of Microsoft Excel, SharePoint and SQL Server to deliver a solid and flexible solution for planning, forecasting and budgeting.
Brian Armstrong, CFO - Microsoft Canada


  • Eliminating the need to manually create and maintain dozens of spreadsheets for your planning cycle
  • Managing multiple departments or locations
  • Gaining insight to the complete process at any point in time
  • Differentiating security settings for diverse levels of management and departments
  • Performing ‘What-if’ type analysis on your data
  • Creating rolling forecasts with minimal effort
  • Budgeting at a level of detail that is different from your current chart of accounts
  • Consolidating actuals and budgets for ongoing financial reporting


  • This is Excel, not “Excel-like”
  • Familiar and easy to use interface with a multi-teared approval process
  • Intelligent functions of spreading values
  • Mass Adjustments by amounts or percentage
  • Rolling forecasts
  • Audit Trails
  • Back-end centralized control with advanced security at all levels
  • Analyze with global “What-if” modeling and unlimited versioning
  • Integrates with unlimited data sources

Click here to learn more about True SkyTrue Sky handles consolidation, eliminations and actual-to-budget reporting, removing the need for a separate reporting package.