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True Sky™

True Sky CPM

The Power of Excel with the Control you Need

True Sky is a powerful Excel-based planning, budgeting and forecasting solution designed to meet the needs of organizations with complex or unique requirements.

Why True Sky?

  • Minimize training time since administrators and end-users can  leverage their current knowledge of Excel
  • Enable your organization to switch the focus of the planning process from data capture to that of performance management and information analysis that can be used to move your business forward
  • Deploy with minimal involvement of expensive IT resources and be maintainable by the business groups within your company
  • Reduce the effort required to manage your process through the use of centralized control, dynamic security models and reusable content
  • Encourage accountability throughout your organization by easily providing users access to data input forms and analytical reporting
  • Facilitate driver based budgeting that allows your organization to capture critical data that if often overlooked but can have a material effect on your bottom line or margins
  • Promote a shift from once a year budgeting to rolling forecasts and provide more accurate and up-to-date business decision making information
  • Allow your organization to capture numbers as well as the thought processes behind the numbers to help ensure that your data makes business sense


The elegance of the True Sky product is that it harnesses the power of Microsoft Excel, SharePoint and SQL Server to deliver a solid and flexible solution for planning, forecasting and budgeting.
Brian Armstrong, CFO - Microsoft Canada

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