Can your Organization Cope with the Unknown?

Posted on: November 29, 2013


Topics: Business Process Managment (BPM), Financial, Sequence Kinetics

Our partners at PNMsoft have written a great article on the importance of a Business Process Management solution to your organization.

Communication is a key factor in human-centric Business Process Management

Tasks must be assigned to process participants, who receive their tasks by email or via a BPM interface in order to complete them. But very often it’s impossible to know prior to running a process who will receive the message. An intelligent BPM suite must provide options to dynamically send messages based on live process data. There are various levels of functionality that should be taken into consideration:

• Routing messages by role or organizational group.

• Ad hoc recipient selection during process execution

• Building recipient lists based on live process data

• Queuing tasks by rule (e.g. broadcast or load-balanced queues)

• Sending messages over different channels (email, SharePoint, SMS, Social Media)

Using an iBPMS (Intelligent BPM Suite), the above options can be quickly defined by developers in a wizard-based GUI, enabling rapid change where necessary, without the developer ever having to enter a single name. This functionality is achieved when the iBPMS is tightly integrated with your organization’s Active Directory.

With Flexible BPM Communication  processes become more agile, unpredictable scenarios, can be used in more diverse, and are able to handle frequent organizational changes.

Learn how Sequence IBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management Suite)  can empower organizations to create smart workflows that enhance business productivity, and generate a greater ROI from SharePoint, register for the next webinar.

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