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5 Tips for Management Reporter 2012

Hopefully you’ve already upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 and have taken advantage of all the new features in Management Reporter. With the latest CU update for Management Reporter 2012, we thought we’d go through some the new features:

Microsoft-Dynamics GP MR

1. Reports, reports, reports!

There are now 14 new default reports added to MR. You can also now view reports side by side. Watch the video here:

2. View reports in the Web viewer

Speaking for reports, generated reports are now defaulted to Web viewer, rather than report viewer.

3. Headers and footers are shown by default in the web viewer

Allowing you to easily identify the report you’re looking at.

4. Drill down to transaction level

You now have the ability to drill down into the transaction level in the report viewer. In order to have this view, the drill to transaction level must be in your report definition.  Watch the video here:

5. Excel

There have been several formatting improvements with Excel. When you download reports into Microsoft Excel, the total formulas are now included and users can choose how headers and footers are exported. Watch how to open reports in Excel :


Did you find these Management Reporter Tips useful? TGO will be hosting a free webinar on Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, be sure to register for 30 Tips in 30 Minutes:

30 GP tips in 30 minutes for GP


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We can all use a little (or a lot) less stress in our day to day lives. Your system should work for you, not against you. If you are still using a legacy system, it can be a challenge if the system is slow to deliver information and you cannot easily access your data when you need it, where you need it.

As a follow-up to our previous blog on “Signs you Have Outgrown your Current Software Solution,” we thought we would complete our mini-series by detailing the tangible ROI benefits you should expect from implementing a new ERP solution.

Flexibility to grow with your company

An entry level software package can create limitations that could stunt company growth. With a flexible ERP system like Sage ERP X3 or Microsoft Dynamics GP, your company will grow and your software can adapt to your company’s specific requirements. Read why one of our clients, iS5 Communications, chose to go with a full-fledged ERP system for their start-up company.

Similarly, if your company is growing beyond a single location, or better yet a single country, a modern ERP solution should allow you to customize processes to meet the needs of individual operations in multiple companies, locations, or countries. At the same time, it should be easier to consolidate and share information across multiple sites.

Improve Speed and Efficiency

Allow your company to react faster to customer inquiries, identify new opportunities, track orders and inventory levels. Having the information you need on hand will help set clear goals and measure against them.

Enhanced Insight

By turning multitudes of raw data tracked in disparate systems into a comprehensive ERP solution, you can gain insight and leverage it to boost sales, expand into new demographics, and improve customer service.

A modern ERP solution should provide customizable reports and dashboards that pulls data in real time therefore improving the efficiency and accuracy in the decision-making process. A completely user friendly interface, should give you the ability to drag-and-drop  components to personalize reports and dashboards. Then, save these reports for personal use or to share with other users.

Boost Connectivity and Collaboration

Modern ERP solutions can operate on the cloud, allowing remote access globally, increasing agility to connect your team, while encouraging collaboration and effective communication.

Looking for a new ERP system? Ready to make your life easier? Download our eBook, 5 Tips to Selecting the Right ERP Solution

Download 5 tips



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As always, the TGO team loves to celebrate Halloween. Some love it for the candies and some love it for the funny costumes. Just like our personalities, there’s always something fun and exciting at the office!

To set the mood, we decorated the lobby of our office with cobwebs, creepy crawlers, ghouls and skeletons. Hopefully we didn’t scare any visitors away with the bloody severed hand on the bell.




Throughout the day we hosted several games and activities including Best Costume Contest, Change-A-Word, Guess Who? and Horror Movie Trivia!

Change-A-Word game

We started the day with the Change-A-Word game. With a 1 hour limit, the TGO team members were provided with one sentence and they could change one word in the sentence (and rearrange it) while still making some sense. The first sentence was The hairy spider crawled under my pillowthen it changed to “The hair spider crawled under my DESK” to “The hairy spider crawled under Odelya’s desk” and somehow ended at “The big spider DREW upon Odelya’s face.” Poor Odelya, but I’m sure the office had some fun laughs out of the game. With the most entries, David became our first winner of the day!


Guess Who? Game 

Continuing through the day, we had an amusing Guess Who? game. 5 pictures were sent out and everyone had to guess which TGO member was behind the masks. We received many responses and we even had some people struggle with pictures # 2 and 4. There were some guesses that our masked characters were Brian, Bryan, Catherine or Merchant… guess we have many look-a-likes in the office.


Best Costume Contest 

Before lunch, we held our Best Costume Contest awarding ceremony. Carol, our Marketing co-op student, swept the floor by putting together a hipster “selfie” costume winning her first place. David was very close and racked up another prize by getting runner up for the contest with his “Gansta” outfit!


Horror Movie Trivia 

Lastly to end the day, we had a Horror Movie Trivia. The TGO members were given several horror movie trivia questions with questions about the classics including Nightmare on Elm Street, The Ring, Chucky and more. Leh showed that she definitely knew her horror movies as she was the only person that answered all the Horror Movie Trivia questions correctly! Head over to Leh if you ever need horror movie night ideas!



We had an awesome time and here are just some highlights of the day:




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Attending reIMAGINE 2014? See you there!

reIMAGINE 2014  banner

In just one week, the GP team and I will be in Fargo, ND for reIMAGINE 2014!  This event will be packed with learning, best practice sharing, and great advice from industry experts. With tracks dedicated to sales, marketing, consultants, and developers, this will give TGO the opportunity to prepare for the release of Dynamics GP 2015, which we will share as soon as we get back!

It was recently announced that Doug Burgum, current entrepreneur and philanthropist, and former chairman and CEO of Great Plains Software, will be giving the keynote address for the event. TGO and Doug have long standing relationship, extending back to when TGO first became a reseller of GP in 1994.

What I’m particularly excited for is the unveiling of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and how it will help you, our customers, solve business challenges. The release of GP 2015 will see the new service based architecture, workflow tools, and identity management. In addition, the event promises to dive headfirst into PowerBI and create winning dashboards, Power Queries, PowerMaps and other reporting assets.

Check back for a new blog post once I return!

For more information about reIMAGINE 2014, please visit their webpage.

PS. For those of you looking to brush up on your GP skills, we will be running a GP Tips and Tricks webinar on November 20th. Be sure to register!


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 … Continuing From Last Week

Last week, we introduced two major advances that we can look forward to from the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics GP release scheduled for December this year. This week, we wish to introduce two more new features in the Dynamics GP 2015 release.

In the previous post we discussed about the benefits of the innovative Service-Based Architecture and the organization of the Team Manager functions, but if you missed it… not to worry! You can read all about it here.

Microsoft Dynamics

In this week’s edition, we will examine the other two enhancements in GP 2015:

  • Identity Management
  • Workflow

3. Identity Management

The Organizational Account User Authentication allows users to be authenticated for Microsoft Dynamics GP using organizational account credentials, also known as Azure AD accounts. This allows the user to log into the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client using the same credentials that are used for Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, or many other cloud applications. This provides a single sign-on experience for Dynamics GP Web Client with other cloud applications.

organizational account user authentication 2


organizational account user authentication

4. Workflow

Secondly, several workflow enhancement tools have been included in the upcoming release…

HRP Workflow Pending Approval Navigation List
This new function targets the Human Resources and Payroll Team Managers and its objective is solely to simplify their work. These approvers now have one place to view and approve multiple employee self-service changes. This navigation list lets managers see all their assigned tasks including Payroll Timecards, Employee Profile, Employee Skills, Payroll W4, and Payroll Direct Deposit.

HRP Workflow Pending Approval Navigation List


General Ledger Batch Approval
This allows users to create workflow processes around General, Clearing and Budget transaction batches.

Workflow - General Ledger Batch Approval


Payables & Receivables Batch Approval
It allows users to create workflow processes which need to be completed before defined document processes. The workflow status appears on the window and actions can be taken directly from those windows, from an email or from the Navigation List.

Workflow - Receivables Batch Approval


Workflow - Payables Batch Approval


Vendor Approval
This allows users to control the setup and editing of vendors, and create workflow processes which need to be completed before defined document processes.

Workflow - Vendor Approval


What Else?

Microsoft has announced that Business Portal and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 runtime will be discontinued from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. The plan is for Business Portal to be phased out as applications or modules are released inside Dynamics GP that replace the same functionality.



Questions? Contact us at:

Email: info@tgo.ca

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