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So far, we have discussed the increased usability, mobility, control and intelligence of Sage ERP X3 version 7. In this blog, we will detail the increased responsiveness of the solution and ways to improve customer service.


In today’s high-paced society, customers have been conditioned to expect things fast. The ability of your company to respond quickly to growing customer demands, will determine the level of success and profitability your company experiences. To remain agile, an effective ERP Solution is necessary and can improve your company’s responsiveness in a few areas.

Give your sales team access on the go

Empower your sales team with access to key insight wherever they go. Customers get the benefit of working with a knowledgeable company representative, with access to all their records, purchase history and much more at their fingertips.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Impress customers in unexpected ways. If a customer contacts the head office requesting an update, anyone who answers the phone, from the receptionist to the executives, can provide accurate data in real time.

Respond, don’t React

Gain the ability to not only react to business situations, but to respond and tackle the problem head on. Have a quality issue? Trace it straight back to the source for quicker and more effective situation control .

Want to learn more how to become more responsive with an ERP solution? Watch the video below.

Sage ERP X3

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In a few short weeks, the Sage Summit 2014 will have the TGO Consulting team shouting Vegas Baby! Held in the beautiful Mandalay Bay Resort, this year’s Sage Summit will feature some high-profile speakers such as actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba and NBA basketball legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Whether you are attending to learn and share ideas, expand network connections, or simply learn how Sage software can improve your business, the Sage team is striving to make this the most valuable business event of 2014.


Jessica Alba – Co-founder of the Honest Company, NYT Best Selling Author


Magic Johnson – Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises

Sometimes, conferences can become routine and mundane, as following a strict schedule can be a daunting task. However, what I like about the Sage Summit is the ability to build your own personal agenda. Every day, attendees have the ability to choose from a variety of stimulating thought leaders and product sessions. Choose only which sessions are right for you and maximize the return you get from the conference.  Sage supports over 6,000,000 businesses worldwide, which means that the conference is built for a wide-audience, perfect for any business or individual looking to gain a competitive advantage. Be sure to visit our valued partner True Sky’s booth #2017, for all information on their powerful Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting solution designed to meet the needs of larger organizations with unique or complex requirements.

Here are 3 things I can’t wait to see and do at the Sage Summit 2014:
  1. Bruce Coxen Dragons Den star and co-founder of Round 13 capital will be speaking as part of the thought leader portion of the conference
  2. The “maximizing your workforce and benefit track” is sure to be an interesting and valuable session, teaching attendees how to transform their workforce into their greatest asset
  3. Engage in valuable conversation and debate with like-minded professionals from across the world, is something I and the TGO team always look forward to
Click here to join TGO at the Sage Summit 2014!

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Collections Management PaintThe Collections Management module for Microsoft Dynamics GP is owned and supported by Professional Advantage. Profad helps businesses streamline processes, improve their cash flow and track collection information. Professional Advantage and Microsoft had a 12 year OEM agreement, but after regaining control over Collections Management, Professional Advantage made significant updates and improvements to the module.

Most users already have Collections Management integrated into their MDGP solution. Here are some of the areas users can notice and utilize improvements:

Enhanced Email Capabilities
  • Improvements provide users with easy access to message templates
  • Ability to attach some or all of customer invoices to an email
Customizable Collection Plans
  • Fully customizable collection processes and collection plans encourage users to adapt to the specific needs of each customer
  • Group similar customers together to speed-up process time
  •  Never miss a collection with system generated reminders
Quick Start Wizards
  • Promote the easy set-up of customer queries, collection plans, letters and actions.
Microsoft Word Integrations
  • Easily attach and send invoices and receivables statements created in Microsoft Word.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities including forecasting cash flow and customer metrics
  • Utilize new SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) reports.
  • Remove the redundancy of searching through endless amounts of individual records
  • Integrate collections notes that filter based on key words, collector ID’s and more
Send Invoices from Any Integrated System
  • It does not matter if you are creating invoices outside of Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • If your system can produce a PDF, the improved Collections Management module has the ability to send it
  • Invoices now can be also available outside of Dynamics GP providing employees access to key information on-the-go


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This is part 6 of 12 in our series on the importance of owning a business management system. If you missed it, catch up on last week’s post, Learn To Determine Which Opportunities To Pursue And Which To. For more insight into the challenges that distribution companies must overcome, be sure to download and read our free eBook, “The road to profits: How mid-size distributors can compete and win in a mega supplier world.”

While you want to add to your long list of profitable customers, you don’t want to bid on every opportunity that comes your way. Not all bids are profitable and you can’t sacrifice your profit margins and expect to stay successful. A SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) can be used to determine which customer bids can yield the greatest revenue potential.



In order to prepare a bid, you need to have quick access to reliable financial data, supplier and vendor data, and employee availability. This type of data is needed in order to determine whether you have the time and resources to fulfill the project, as well as whether you will realize a reasonable profit margin. If you are using entry level or disparate, specialty software, you may not have speedy access to your data and the data could also be unreliable. Using poor data for a bid could result in a project or customer that puts you in the red rather in the black.

Download “The road to profits: How mid-size distributors can compete and win in a mega supplier world,” a complimentary eBook, to learn how to quickly access the business data needed for a SWOT analysis with an integrated business management solution. Within this single business management solution, you can manage financials, supply chain, manufacturing and distribution, and other core business operations. In addition, the powerful business intelligence and robust reporting offered in these solutions will make it easier to find key data needed for a bid, including current supplier pricing, product and employee availability, and profit margins. Regular monitoring of your profit margins can provide valuable insight into whether to bid on similar projects or customers or whether to pass.

Using a comprehensive and integrated business management solution will provide swift access to reliable data so you can respond faster and create accurate bid requests. Download the free eBook and contact TGO Consulting for more guidance on using today’s business management solutions and the SWOT analysis to determine whether to pursue a new customer or pass on the next bid.

Are you a mid-sized distributor trying to compete in an Amazon.com world?

Gain insight into the challenges that distribution companies must overcome:

distribution ebook

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According to research done by the Aberdeen Group on ERP and business intelligence (BI) in the SMB, it takes an average of 11.5 days for a company manager to be notified of a situation that is effecting their business. Are you okay with waiting that long to even find out about the problem, let alone fix it? With a comprehensive solution like Sage ERP X3 version 7, gain the ability to compile and analyze extensive company information and insight.

Here’s how you can effectively monitor information with the right ERP solution:

Begin with the correct data

Employees work hard to document and record important information. But if they are internally storing the documents on their hard drives, the rest of the business is deprived of useful business insight. The right ERP solution will eliminate employees working off multiple copies of documents and promote a coherent view of the business at all times.

Self-Serve Intelligence

It doesn’t matter that you have the right data, if you can’t access it when you need it. Eliminate inefficiencies with processes by enabling all areas of your business to gather their own data.

Work exceptionally

Sometimes, too much data can cause employees and team members to become overwhelmed. This is why companies should focus on exceptions, not expected norms. The right ERP solution will notify users of any business anomalies, promoting quicker and more effective problem-solving.

Want to learn more about how Sage ERP X3 version 7 can provide your business with relevant intelligence?

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