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CPA Canada will be holding its annual National Conference in Toronto, Ontario from September 22nd- 23rd. We will be there with our partners, True Sky, featuring our premier planning, budgeting and forecasting solution!

What can you expect at the CPA Canada’s National Conference?
  • Opportunity to advance your industry knowledge
  • Connect and network with hundreds of professional colleagues from across Canada
  • Networking breakfasts and sit-down lunches
  • A special “coast-to-coast” evening reception
  • Customizable learning process based on key areas such as financial management and leadership
  • Informative and knowledgeable keynote speakers

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If you would like to participate in this exciting event, don’t forget to register HERE
 If you’re already registered, be sure to visit us at booth #30!

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This blog post is part of a series on the “Future of ERP”. In the next few weeks, we will look at the next generation of Enterprise Resource Planning systems, what to expect and what’s already available. Catch up on last week’s post, Is Your ERP System Smarter than a 5th Grader?

The truth is out, it’s a mobile world out there! If you can’t manage your ERP system from any location, be it at the beach or a business meeting, you are missing out on customers and sales opportunities. With the ERP solutions of the future, you don’t have to sacrifice mobility for increased functionality.

Here are some ways increased mobility with the next generation of ERP solutions can improve your business :

Improve Customer Service

Your ERP solution should make it easier for your customers to see results and remove the in-efficiency of scheduling multiple meetings to retrieve simple, but important information. Utilize the ability to check contact and customer records immediately and right in-front of customers to be more informed on product incentives and discounts.


Efficient Travel

Are you trying to find customer locations, but are still switching between Google maps and your ERP? Your ERP solution should have Google Maps built right in, allowing users to check routes directly from customer listings.

Accelerate Communications and Approvals

Speed-up all communications processes, from purchase orders to internal approval methods. With the click of a button and a comprehensive future ERP solution, get more done in less time.

Simplified Expense Reporting

Your ERP solution should track and file all business documents and help remove the redundancy of letting receipts and invoices pile-up. Remove the inefficiency of the manual filing of documents.

Download our complimentary eBook, “The Future of ERP”, that looks at the 3 areas of improvement for ERP systems today – accessibility, ease of use and intelligence. 


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Microsoft Dynamics GP RoadmapHave you been keeping up? Are you ready for the changes with Microsoft Dynamics GP?

This flexible and role-tailored system, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), recently published two keys and are scheduled to release even more updates within the next year. The GP Roadmap below identifies the updates and summarizes the constructive changes to each update.


Dynamics GP 2013 released on December 3rd, 2012, included several useful new functions such as:

  • Fully functional web client
  • Multi-tenant installation capabilities
  • SmartList Designer for custom SmartLists
  • Ability to allow clients to select a preferred printer at time of printing

Dynamics GP 2013 R2 was released on May 28th , 2013 subsequent to the GP 2013 Service Pack 1 and 2 released even earlier this year. Some of the new changes included:

  • Copy/Paste Excel to GL Journal
  • New workflow functionality (without SharePoint)
  • Identity Management – single sign on for the web client
  • Procurement module (precursor to purchase orders)


 What else is coming up for GP?

Planned for the end of this year, Microsoft is preparing to release Dynamics GP 2015. Some of the new features include:

  • New service-based architecture for multi-platform availability, mobile capabilities and cloud integration
  • Fixed asset continuity reporting
  • Additional workflow
  • Companion apps

There will also be some discontinued features including:

  • Business Portal
  • SharePoint runtime
  • Business Portal functionality replaced in either the core client or the web client


Also important to note is…

 Microsoft has also announced the expiration of the mainstream support for GP 2010 and GP 2010 R2 by October 14th, 2015. The discontinuation will have several impacts including:

  • No more payroll tax table releases for 2010 installs
  • No more hotfixes for bugs or issues

Support will only be available on a paid case basis only!

With these exciting new and upcoming updates on the Dynamics GP systems, you can expect added functions and more workflow that will bring incremental value to your company. So mark your calendars and get ready for the update releases!

 If you have any questions about how this will affect your business, feel free to contact us.

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This is the final post in our series on the importance of owning a business management system. If you missed it, catch up on last week’s post, Three Ways the Right Business Solution Can Give Your a Competitive Advantage.  For more insight into the challenges that distribution companies must overcome, be sure to download and read our free eBook, “The road to profits: How mid-size distributors can compete and win in a mega supplier world.”

A powerful business management solution can provide the many advantages that you are looking for in the competitive distribution marketplace. Gain the control and insight you need to improve productivity, control inventory, and provide superior customer service. Here are three ways to gain an edge with the right technology and the right provider.

  1. Improve productivity: Manual processes steal time away from busy employees and can introduce the risk for data errors. Instead of hiring more people to handle the workload, increase the efficiency of the people you have. An integrated business management solution offers time-saving automations that can improve productivity throughout your enterprise, as well as protect data integrity.
  2. Turn inventory into a strategic advantage: You can monitor real-time data within a comprehensive business management solution and identify trends. Discover trending products and stock your warehouse accordingly. Reduce backorders and cut inventory expenses by maintaining ideal inventory levels for popular products and reduce the chance of getting stuck with obsolete inventory.
  3. Provide unsurpassed customer service: Strengthen relationships with customers by learning their needs and behaviors. Prepare for replenishment orders and contact them before they contact you. Improve cross-sales and up-sales by offering products that complement common purchases. In addition, with all of your customer data at the fingertips of sales and customer service teams, your team can respond faster to questions, track orders, and provide personalized attention at any point in the sales cycle.


A comprehensive business management solution can also manage multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-legislative functions for distributors in different regions. Use built-in business intelligence features to make strategic improvements and robust reporting options to comply with best practices and regulatory requirements. Download “The road to profits: How mid-size distributors can compete and win in a mega supplier world,” a complimentary eBook, and learn about the many benefits that the right technology can offer. Then, contact TGO Consulting for more information about gaining a competitive advantage and accomplishing your goals with a cutting-edge business management solution built for your unique business needs.

Want to learn how a business management solution can give your company a competitive advantage?

Gain insight into the challenges that distribution companies must overcome:

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This blog post is part of a series on the “Future of ERP”. In the next few weeks, we will look at the next generation of Enterprise Resource Planning systems, what to expect and what’s already available.

According to research done by the Aberdeen Group on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI) in the SMB, it takes an average of 11.5 days for a company manager to be notified of a situation that is effecting their business.

How long are you waiting to even find out about the problem, let alone fix it?

Unfortunately, today’s ERP is lacking in the “intelligence” area. With the right system, you should have the ability to compile and analyze extensive company information and insight without having to search for it.

Here’s how you can effectively monitor information utilizing cutting edge intelligence with the right ERP solution:

Begin with the correct data

Employees work hard to document and record important information. But if they are internally storing the documents on their hard drives, the rest of the business is deprived of useful business insight. The right ERP solution will eliminate duplication of work and promote a coherent view of the business at all times.

Self-Serve Intelligence

It doesn’t matter that you have the right data, if you can’t access it when you need it. Eliminate in-efficiencies with processes by enabling all areas of your business to gather their own data and the important information needed to run efficiently.

Work exceptionally

Sometimes, too much data can cause employees and team members to become overwhelmed. This is why companies should focus on exceptions, not expected norms. The right ERP solution will notify users of any business anomalies, promoting quicker and more effective problem-solving.

Download our complimentary eBook, “The Future of ERP”, that looks at the 3 areas of improvement for ERP systems today – accessibility, ease of use and intelligence. 

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