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The advances of the last decade in digital communication have radically transformed business and the way institutional structures within companies communicate and function. But the death of the business desktop has had a broader effect than mere commerce alone. Educational institutions are rapidly adapting the traditional classroom and campus to the modern student’s preferences for digital platforms.

Students Shop Schools
Online classes are quickly becoming a major component of course offerings for secondary and postsecondary schools. And while we don’t think of admissions and enrollment as a mercantile act, or student satisfaction as customer service, the truth is that parents and students are looking at course offerings and their platforms in relation to tuition. Many students are turning to online courses as a major way of completing requirements for a degree. A smoothly functioning e-commerce site, integrated with an institution’s ERP, can go a long way to making sure that students and parents are happy with their educational purchases.

Unique Business Needs
An educational institution that offers online classes needs to support its educational offerings with a corresponding array of choices to allow students to enroll and pay for courses online as well – just like any online business.
Educational institutions, however, have their own set of business parameters that most businesses lack. Third party vendors are likely to supply textbooks (including e-books), course supplies, and software licenses. And then there are the school-branded items – t-shirts, sweaters, athletic apparel, key chains, bumper stickers – you name it. These items are going to take their place in the e-commerce array of any school.

Taking any out-of-the-box e-commerce solution and expecting it to meet every educational institution’s needs is just not going to work. When shopping for a solution that’s right for your school, you should keep in mind a few key areas where a school’s requirements are apt to part company from conventional business needs.

  • Make sure it works: The e-commerce solution should be capable of smooth integration with your existing ERP. End-user experience is going to be critical. Taking the time to ensure the best fit with current infrastructure is the best means of keeping your customer happy.

  • Make it available: Ensure the services students need can be made available to them online. Course selection and even some aspects of academic counseling can be conducted via digital fora. Paying for classes online should allow the same flexibility of options that the physical business office offers – from direct debit and payment plans to receipts. E-books and audio files should be easy to find and download.

  • Make it easy to use: Search functions that permit students, parents, and faculty to find what they need despite a large online catalogue is absolutely critical.

  • Make it predictive: In order to realize optimal returns, having an online marketplace that can predict and offer products to your consumers is a must.

  • Make it safe and tidy: Secure payment options for online purchases should be wed to a sound inventory management feature.

Finding E-commerce in The Education World Daunting?
If your educational institution needs help in bringing the hallowed halls of learning into the digital world, TGO can help. We bring a wide array of experiences helping diverse institutions and organizations find the solutions needed to improve processes, reduce end-user frustration, and make your customers happy. Contact us today and learn how TGO can make learning easier in the digital market place.

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Read more on "New Features For Dynamics GP 2015 R2 – Part 3" » New Features

June is the month we’ve all been waiting for here at TGO Consulting
! Not because it’s summer at last, or because we get a break from the routines of our children’s school schedules – nope, it’s because this is the release month for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2! The good people at Microsoft have been doing all they can to fan the flames of excitement, and it’s been working. Their daily emails revealing one new feature of the update at a time have been giving us a new reason to cheer every day – and we’ve got the final seven for you right here.

  1. Mask Employee SSN on Reports
    With all the compliance issues and security breaches out there these days, you just can’t be too careful with your employees’ personal data. So now GP makes it possible to hide your employees’ social security numbers on certain payroll reports, showing XXX-XX-XXXX instead.

  2. Enable Email on All Purchase Order Document Formats
    It used to be that you couldn’t send an email with a Purchase Order document unless it was the ‘blank’ format. Now, that restriction has been lifted, and email has been enabled on all Purchase Order document formats!  This feature works when you’re printing from the Transaction Entry Window, Navigation Lists, or the Print Purchasing Documents window.

  3. Enable Email on All Sales Order Document Formats
    The same goes for Sales Order documents! Where once only blank formats allowed for email, now any format will do, when printing from the Transaction Entry Window, Navigation Lists, or the Print Sales Documents window.

  4. Display Debits Before Credits
    This is one of the changes based on customer suggestions – see, Microsoft really does listen!! In SmartLists and Excel Reports, database tables and the views on which a report is based, the debits column will now display before the credits column.

  5. Customer Credit Limit Visual
    Let’s be honest here – who has time to go through and look up which customers are over their credit limits? R2 gives you a visual notification such as an icon or a warning message for clients over their limits, if you so choose, in Receivables Setup, so you never have to go digging. The password process remains, however, when it comes to entering lines items or saving transactions.

  6. Automatically Deposit Cash Receipts
    Do you use the additional GP solution Analytical Accounting? If not, you’re about to find out one of the reasons why so many companies love it – automatic deposits. Now available to all GP users, this feature makes it unnecessary to manually post cash deposits in order to update your checkbook balance in Bank Reconciliation. Instead, cash receipts entered in Cash Receipt Entry, Receivables Transaction Entry, Sales Transaction Entry, and Invoice Entry will be automatically recorded as deposited.

  7. Default SmartList Visibility
    Are your employees overwhelmed by huge lists of SmartList Favorites? Now, users will still be able to choose who sees their Favorites – but according to default parameters set in place by your own administrators. For example, you could set the default visibility so that only the user sees their Favorites, creating less clutter for others to wade through in their own Favorites.

If all these new features haven’t whetted your appetite for the Dynamics GP 2015 R2 release, then we don’t know what will! Call us here at TGO Consulting today to find out more about how we can help your business upgrade.

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Read more on "More New Features For Dynamics GP 2015 R2" » More New Features

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, Microsoft has been gradually revealing the new features that will be included in Dynamics GP 2015 R2, which is being released this month, via “feature of the day” emails sent to people who, like us here at TGO Consulting, are more excited about this new release than we were about our own birthdays last year! (OK, OK, maybe we’re exaggerating – but only a little!) So without further ado, here are a few more of the new features to look for in the upgrade.

  1. Purchasing All in One Document View
    How often have you spent way too much time searching for info you needed for a purchasing document, and thought to yourself how much easier it would be if you could just see all related purchasing documents in one window? Well, Microsoft read your mind, and they’ve made a new window that can be accessed from the Vendor Maintenance window, several purchasing inquiry windows, some Navigation lists, and the Home Page. When you open this window, the most recent documents will automatically pop up, and you can then navigate to the next 5 transactions, as well.

  2. Purchasing All in One Document View – Checkbox
    This feature makes the Purchasing All in One Document View even more convenient. By clicking on the checkbox next to any one document in the window, your display will refresh and show only documents related to that one specific item, in every column. So for example, when clicking the checkbox by a purchase order, you would see only the receipts, invoices, payments, and returns related to that one purchase order.  Handy-dandy, no?

  3. Purchasing All in One Document View – Options
    Customization is also possible with this new feature. The Options button allows you to choose the columns you want displayed in your window. It’s possible to have up to six columns displayed at once, or any number fewer than that, depending on how you’d like it configured. You could display the Purchase Orders column and the Receipts columns only, or maybe add the Credit Documents column, as well – it’s up to you and your company’s unique workflow.

  4. SmartList Designer Create View
    An SQL view based on a SmartList query can now be created within SmartList Designer by sending a SmartList through workflow. Once created, this SQL view can now also be exported outside of Dynamics GP in order for it to be used in reports that utilize SQL reporting services or Power BI reports in Excel. It also makes it possible to publish the SmartList from within GP as a refreshable Excel report.

  5. SmartList Designer View Workflow Type
    Finally, the new SmartList features include a new way to set up SmartList workflows, as well. In order for the SQL view to be able to go through the approval process, at least one active workflow will have to be put in place, but more can be set up, as well. To do this, you’ll just need to access the Administration series in the Workflow Maintenance Window.

Those are just 5 of the exciting new features included in the new release. Contact us here at TGO Consulting today if you’d like to learn more, or for help upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2!

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Agility. It’s not just the latest buzzword in business – it’s a necessity in today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace. Businesses have to be able to turn on a dime, to adapt to changing market conditions and succeed. But the foundation of agility is actionable data. Without the most current information on any given aspect of your business – presented in a way that makes it understandable and easy to base decisions on – true, meaningful agility is impossible.

That’s where having the right ERP system comes into play. Keeping track of the constant stream of data describing every aspect of your business is pretty close to impossible without an overarching system in place to keep it all organized. An ERP provides detailed visibility into the workings of your business, so that informed decisions can be made based on that understanding.

But what if your business requires the type of decision-making that relies on real-time data in order to be truly agile? The type of decision-making where a day or even an hour delay can make the difference, and a week or a month is much too late?

Then you might just need an ERP with a custom enhancement that allows for instant data entry – even on-site at a job – real-time exception alerts, and access to current information from anywhere.  When you integrate WennSoft’s Job Cost software into your ERP, you allow decision makers at every level of your company access to the data they need to keep your business agile.

Job Cost provides companies with the ability to track all costs related to a project – but more than that, it allows visibility into costs and even estimates on any phase of past projects, as well, so that comparisons can be made and insights can be gained to improve efficiency in the future.

With all that data accessible anywhere, anytime, decision makers can easily and quickly steer the company in the right direction. Project managers especially benefit from this instant access to data and real-time alerts when exceptions arise. Just imagine the scenario – your project manager is at the job site, when suddenly he receives an alert. He quickly accesses the pertinent data, then checks a prior project to see how things were handled there, and what the results of that were. He is then able to quickly make a completely informed decision while still on-site, and while the situation is still ongoing, rather than waiting until later, or making an uninformed choice on the spot. Not only does Job Cost increase efficiency, it also helps your team make the best decisions possible to improve performance and reduce costs.

So if your company is looking for an ERP solution that includes an integrated enhancement that can dramatically increase your efficiency, reduce your costs, and boost your agility, contact TGO Consulting today. We can customize your ERP system to include WennSoft’s Job Cost and get your business on the path to increased agility today.

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Read more on "How To Reduce Bad Debt Painlessly" » How To Reduce Bad Debt Painlessly


Ugh – bad debt. Nobody likes to be the bad guy, calling and harassing people to get them to pay their bills. In a perfect world, all your customers would pay on time every time – but unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. Every business has to deal with bad debt and the collections process, no matter how distasteful it is.

Luckily, there are ways to make the process of collecting on past due accounts a lot less painful. By adding certain enhancements to your ERP system and automating collections, you remove the necessity of writing those letters, escalating the situation, and tracking everything manually. This allows you the freedom to jump into the process only when absolutely necessary, with the trickiest of cases, when a phone call or legal action is called for.  And because your ERP was keeping track of all correspondence and every penny paid, you’ll have all the data you need to back up your case if it does come to that extreme.

Here at TGO Consulting, we’re all about making businesses more effective and more efficient – and making life easier on everyone involved, as well. Here are two ERP enhancements we can add to your customized ERP to make your collections process easier, more efficient – and most importantly, more effective.

Credit Hound  
Credit Hound is software designed to act as your automated collections department. Once you program it with specified actions to take when a given situation occurs – such as generating a past due notice when an account becomes so many days delinquent – it will take care of this most time-consuming part of your collections process for you, freeing you up to spend time working on your business, instead of chasing down bad debt.

But Credit Hound doesn’t just send letters. It also reports back to you exactly what is going on with each account, in an easy-to-understand format, using graphs and charts for a quick overview, in addition to more in-depth reporting.

Collections Management by Professional Advantage
Another ERP enhancement we offer to help businesses reduce bad debt is Professional Advantage’s Collection Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP. This software also automates the collections process, generating individual or mass letters, invoices, and emails automatically, and tracking customer responses, as well, so that you don’t have to. As the collections process escalates, multiple invoices can automatically be attached to each new customer letter, so that it’s clear your company is on top of the account.

Collections Management also provides in-depth reporting capabilities so that you are always up-to-date on the status of every account, and allows for long-term archiving of data as well as customization of reports, so that you can easily drill down to the data you need at any given time.    
These two ERP enhancements are invaluable tools to add to your ERP system if you are looking to streamline your entire collections process, save yourself time, and make sure you are collecting on all your accounts. Contact TGO Consulting today for more information about how we can help you reduce bad debt painlessly.

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