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Your business processes pretty much dictate how profitable your company can be. After all, time is money, and redundant processes cost you a lot of time!

If you’ve dealt with redundant processes before, then you’ve probably wondered how to manage and improve your business process flows more easily. Well, if so, you’re in luck! This blog post will explain how the right ERP solution will help you make it happen.

But first, let’s dive deeper into what a business process flow actually is and what purpose it serves.

What is a business process flow?

Simply put, a business process flow is a nifty little graphical representation of a process within a business. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a flow chart that shows the details of a process!

An accurate business process flow serves as a great tool for identifying the “why” behind a task and understanding all layers of a process – it’s really handy because breaks everything down in a way that is easy to digest!

But what happens when a business process flow gets too complex? What happens when it becomes apparent that business processes aren’t as streamlined as they should be, and it’s costing the company money?

Well, that’s where a good ERP solution comes in. Here’s how ERP can help you with managing business process flows so you can improve them:

ERP streamlines your business processes.

Without ERP, you typically have to use multiple systems to manage the operations in your company’s varying departments – this is a big time-waster. On the other hand, with ERP, all of the aspects of your business are integrated into one place so you can manage them all at once!

ERP allows you to automate tasks, cutting out errors and unnecessary labor.

If you’re managing business process flows and notice way too many sub-processes that require manual labor, you could likely benefit from a good ERP solution.


Well, the right ERP solution will automate many of the tasks that previously required tedious data entry and/or manual labor – this typically means tasks will be done a lot faster. It also means that inaccuracy due to human error will be eliminated!

ERP is customized to meet your specific business needs.

Let’s face it – your business and your business process flows are unique. So, why use a one-size-fits-all solution?

With ERP, you don’t have to. The right ERP solution can solve your specific business problems and cut down on redundant processes in your business process flows.

Bottom line: Managing business process flows with the right ERP solution will allow your business to run more smoothly, saving you both time and money.

Sounds good, right?

Well, if you’re ready to harness the power of ERP to improve the performance of your business or learn more about the benefits of ERP, we’d love to chat. Our team of professionals has years of experience helping companies like yours achieve greater success by choosing the right ERP solutions.

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Ah, vacation. I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of kicking back, relaxing, and casting my cares aside for a little while.

Know what makes a good vacation even better? You guessed it – a tour guide! When you partner up with a good one, you can see more exciting places, have more fun, and just have a better experience overall.

…It’s kind of like how partnering with an ERP consultant allows you to have a better experience throughout the process of planning, implementing, and using an ERP solution!

Not sure what I mean? Let me explain further with these 4 reasons why taking advantage of ERP consulting for your business is as important as hiring a tour guide on vacation:

They know how to plan and set the project up to succeed.

When you hire a tour guide, they already have lots of experience giving successful tours. They’ll have all the skills necessary to plan yours so that you can have a good time!

Similarly, when you choose ERP consulting, your consultant has lots of experience planning and implementing successful ERP projects. Since ERP implementations mostly fail due to lack of planning, this is absolutely critical.

They can manage the process of implementing the solution effectively.

A tour guide provides you with a tour, which is a solution for people who don’t know their surroundings. An ERP consultant, on the other hand, provides you with successful ERP implementation, which is a solution for people who may not be fully aware of how to implement ERP.

The implementation involves so much more than just introducing new technology – to do it successfully, you need to train your team members, keep the lines of communication open between decision-makers and the implementation team, and choose the ERP solution that meets your business needs. A good ERP consultant will make sure all of these things happen!

They’re experts in their field.

Pretty much no one knows more about notable locations in their city than a good tour guide. Kind of like how pretty much no one knows more about ERP than a good ERP consultant!

ERP solutions can get pretty complex, so having an ERP consultant by your side throughout the implementation process will help ensure things go smoothly. You’ll get the best possible return on your investment!

They focus on meeting your specific needs.

A good tour guide will focus on the specific points of interest that the tourists want to see, and good ERP consultants will focus on implementing an ERP solution that provides the most business benefits to the companies they work with.

Consultants know that ERP isn’t just about technology – it’s about improving the business overall by automating tasks, streamlining processes, and boosting productivity.
Here at TGO Consulting, our ERP consulting services can help you get your ERP solution up and running and achieve the highest ROI. We take the time to get to know you, understand your specific business needs, and help you select an ERP solution that will meet those specific needs.

Interested in learning more? We’d love to chat – contact us today!

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How many times have you hired a plumber for a broken pipe or a leaky appliance, and then stood there tapping your foot with impatience because they were moving so slowly – and you were paying them by the hour?

Now imagine that it’s not a plumber who’s taking his or her sweet time on a job, but a consulting firm working to set up a new ERP for your business. The investment of both time and money are much greater, but the situation is the same: The longer the project takes, the more the firm (or the plumber) gets paid.

What this means, of course, is that when it comes to services billed by the hour, a business’s slowest, least efficient employee — or consulting team, as the case may be — is also their biggest moneymaker. And that’s certainly not in the client’s best interest.

Thankfully, however, there are a number of alternatives to this outdated pricing system. One of the best is pricing for value, in which the price is primarily based on the value received by the customer. (This is the pricing structure that we at TGO use.)

Instead of incentivizing slower work and longer hours, pricing for value encourages consultants to perfect their craft in order to give their clients the best possible value at a defined timeline and scope. After all, if a firm is getting paid the same amount whether a project takes 10 hours or 20, they’re motivated to continuously improve, growing more effective with each project they take on.

Now, that doesn’t mean that a firm that prices for value will try to take shortcuts, or spend less time on your project than is necessary. Then the customer would lose out on value, which is the whole basis of this kind of pricing structure. But at the same time, it can help to have some kind of assurance that the work will, in fact, equal or surpass the value to the client that was laid out in the initial planning stages.

With TGO, that assurance comes in the form of a bona fide guarantee. Client trust and satisfaction are extremely important to us at TGO — so much so that we guarantee that all work undertaken and agreed upon will be performed with the utmost professionalism. If our clients feel that full value was not obtained during our engagement, we guarantee to do what it takes to make it right.

This commitment really means that we can give our clients the confidence that the project will be completed on time and within the predefined scope. Also, we don’t like surprises when it comes to price. So you can be assured that the price agreed upon at the beginning of the project is the price you pay at the end of the project.
You can read more about our unique approach to our work — which includes fixed, up-front prices and zero surprises — here. And if you’re ready to talk about what TGO can do for your business, please get in touch!

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Imagine. It’s finally the weekend, and you’re pulling up to the party of the year. Seriously – this party is all that anyone in your circle of friends has talked about for weeks. You can’t wait to make your appearance and hang out with everyone!

You walk in and notice something strange – ERP vendors are there, and they’re partying too! In fact, they’re giving you and your friends a run for your money when it comes to who can party harder.

So, what do you think – will the ERP software vendors out-party you? Before you answer, take a second to think about how ERP vendors party:

They talk to everyone.

An ERP vendor at a party talks to everyone. After all, they love people and love gathering as much information as possible!

Why? Because it’s part of their job too!

Here’s how: ERP software vendors work closely with businesses, talking to them throughout the ERP selection process and gathering important information along the way. That way, they can provide the best, most customized ERP solution possible that will allow the business to both grow and run more efficiently!

They put their best foot forward.

You won’t find ERP vendors showing up to a party in sweatpants and slippers. They’ll be polite, well-dressed, and professional, no matter how hard they party.

This is natural for good ERP vendors because they spend their time at work behaving professionally and being polite and helpful to clients. ERP vendors understand that ERP selection and implementation is a complex process, so they keep a positive attitude and help their clients however they can!

They do something crazy.

Hold up – did that ERP vendor just jump into a swimming pool in the middle of winter?

Yep, probably so! ERP vendors aren’t afraid to do something crazy that makes them stand out from the crowd, even if it means they’re standing by themselves.

They’re comfortable doing this at parties because they have to stand out at work too. After all – a good ERP vendor won’t be just like the competition – they’ll stand out because they’re much better at everything from customer service to creating tailored solutions.

They help their friends.

ERP software vendors are great friends to have around at a party – if you do something a bit too crazy, they’ll be there to take care of you and make sure you get home safely!

Similarly, at work, an ERP vendor is always there to help an organization out when their business processes get a bit too crazy! ERP vendors will make sure the business is “safe” again as far as their processes by selecting the ERP solution to improve those processes.

Need an ERP vendor to party with? Look no further!

Our team at TGO Consulting has tons of experience helping businesses achieve a higher level of success using technology. Our ERP solutions help companies like yours streamline processes, improve productivity, cut down on manual labor, and more!

So, are you ready to party with the best ERP vendor around? If so, contact us today – we’d love to chat about how ERP can help your business!

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Mention team building to your employees, and you might be met with a chorus of unhappy groans.

Why? Well, to put it bluntly, lots of team-building exercises are just plain boring, and they don’t offer much to get the team excited about working together.

But don’t count team building out just yet – I recently did some searching and found some of the best team building spots here in Toronto! Each spot has unique offerings, so you’re sure to find something that is right for your employees. Here are 4 of my favorites:


Ready to show off your artistic abilities? Paintlounge is the perfect place! You can either choose an individual package where everyone paints on their own canvas or an “adult connecting” package where guests collaborate to create artwork on a full-sized canvas.

One cool thing about this place is you can choose a theme based on your business. For example, if you’re trying to encourage growth, you can choose a trees/plants theme! And for some added fun, you can even bring your own food and/or liquor (just pay a small additional fee).

Conundrum Adventures

Looking for a challenging adventure that will help your team learn how to work together while having fun? Conundrum Adventures might be the right choice for you!

They offer outdoor activities in a variety of Toronto districts, including:

  • Downtown
  • Harbourfront
  • St. Lawrence
  • Oakville

These outdoor activities involve solving complex puzzles in creative, adventurous ways, so they are sure to keep your team engaged the entire time!

If you’re looking for an indoor activity, Conundrum Adventure offers team-building exercises at exciting venues like the Bata Shoe Museum and the Royal Ontario Museum. If you choose an indoor activity, your team will solve entertaining conundrums while exploring the venue!


Looking for a unique experience tailored to fit your team? Well, Teambonders has several options available. You can choose from a wide variety of activities ranging from indoor Iron Chef Challenges to outdoor James Bond-style spy adventures!

If you’re looking to give back to your community, you can try one of their philanthropic team programs to help those in need while you strengthen your team.

The Ballroom

With a slogan like “Sports & Bowl & Rock N’ Roll,” you know this place is going to be fun! The Ballroom is an excellent choice for a large corporate event because they can accommodate up to 900 guests. Oh yeah, and they have an amazing rooftop patio!

Here are a few fun activities you and your team can enjoy at The Ballroom:

  • Ping Pong
  • Foosball
  • Bubble Hockey
  • Xbox
  • Pool

They also have bowling lanes available, so lace up your bowling shoes and get ready to show off your skills! Up to 8 people can bowl on one lane, and bowling hosts are available to help your team get organized if needed.

Here at TGO Consulting, we understand the importance of teamwork to a business. Let us become a part of your company’s team. Contact us today to find out how we can work together to help your business grow. 

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