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Image Credit: Dru Kelly; License

Who do you think would win in a fight between Professor X and Batman?

Here at TGO Consulting, we think the answer is pretty obvious: Professor X! I mean, he’s only the most powerful telepath on the planet. Batman is pretty cool too, but Professor X has crazy abilities that seem to make him more of a force to be reckoned with than just about anyone. Let’s face it – you’ve got to be pretty awesome to lead a talented team like the X-Men!

…If you can’t tell by now, we’re big fans of superheroes. In fact, I was recently thinking about our ERP consultants and how what they do makes them kind of like superheroes. No – they don’t fly around, shoot webs from their wrists, or save damsels in distress. But they do offer a lot of help to businesses that are implementing a new ERP system or upgrading their current system.

Check out the following benefits of ERP consulting, and you’ll learn how working with a good ERP consultant is like working with Professor X!

Top-notch Training

Professor X is fully committed to keeping mutants safe from evil humans and vice versa. So, he spent a lot of time studying mutation to help him understand how he could achieve his goals before he opened Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. When he finally opened the school, he began training young mutants to help them learn how to harness and master their powers, which made the world a better place for mutants and humans alike.

ERP consultants help you harness and master special powers too – the powers of your ERP system! They understand that, when an ERP system is implemented, you and your employees are ultimately the ones who will need to know how to operate it.

Your ERP consultant will bring everyone up to speed so that none of your employees struggle with using the new system due to lack of knowledge. Whether your “X-Men” need beginner, intermediate, or advanced training, you can feel confident knowing that an experienced ERP consultant can handle it and make the transition to a new ERP system go much more smoothly. Working with a consultant will also allow you to improve your overall IT infrastructure. That way, your business can gain a competitive edge and reach new heights of success!

Reliable Support

Professor X is an amazing mentor to his students, including the X-Men. He helps them deal with the fact that they’re different from humans, understand how they can contribute to society, and keep their powers under control properly. Without him as their guide, many of the X-Men would be in danger or unsure of how to approach their powers. He truly offers the support they need in a cruel, mutant-hating world.

When you’re implementing an ERP solution, a good ERP consultant will offer you reliable support as well. You’ll get the maintenance and service you need when relying on your ERP system 24/7 so you can get some peace of mind and use your system successfully at all times.

Solid Expertise

Professor X is a genius. He has multiple doctorates and is a world-renowned geneticist, making him pretty intimidating from an intellectual standpoint.

But he isn’t just a smart guy. While he spends most of his time using his mind to mentor others, he does show up in a fight every once in a while. When that happens, he’s usually unmatched because of his unique powers. His telepathic control can take out just about anyone!

ERP consultants are also unmatched because of their expertise. Their experience and depth of ERP knowledge allows them to guide you in the right direction by creating a tailored environment for you based on your specific business needs. It’s unlikely that you’ll find the same skill level in an in-house employee since ERP consultants’ jobs revolve around constantly implementing and customizing ERP solutions.

They can help you with systems integration, program management, implementation, package upgrades, and more – everything you need to maintain an ERP system that will further your business.

Mind-reading Abilities

Professor X is pretty much the world’s most powerful telepath. Not only does he read minds – he can project his thoughts into the minds of others, induce illusions and temporary paralysis, and cause memory loss too! Pretty terrifying, right?

Don’t pull out the tinfoil hat just yet – an ERP consultant isn’t literally going to invade your brain or do any of those other things, of course! However, a good ERP consultant will definitely have a way of “reading your mind” because of their ability to understand your business needs quickly. After the consultant analyzes your specific needs, he or she will make sure that you’re equipped with the exact ERP software needed for success in your industry.

When you invest in something as major as ERP, it’s always a good idea to make sure you get a positive return on your investment by choosing ERP consulting.

After all, ERP, when implemented and maintained correctly, can help you save time, simplify operations, boost productivity, and reduce costs. A professional consultant will work hard so you can gain all of these benefits and more!

Ready to make your ERP solution more powerful, more useful, and more tailored to your business? (Of course you are – our ERP consultants can read your mind, remember?) Contact TGO Consulting today, and let’s chat about your business needs!

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Ever taken an acting class?

If so, you probably learned a lot about communication and self-confidence. And, chances are, an idea of what it would be like to make it big as an actor too!

As a business owner, you’re probably thinking about how great it would be for your company to “make it big!” Enterprise resource planning can help with that.

But there are quite a few things that people don’t know about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – just like there are several things most people don’t know about becoming a celebrity. Not sure what I mean? Check out these 3 things that ERP vendors and famous actors wish you knew:

Your business is the focus.

When you get famous – I mean, really famous – your business becomes the focus of people who read gossip magazines. Dating someone new? Going to rehab? You can bet that the general public knows about it.

Your business is the focus when it comes to ERP too – but in a different way than what celebrities go through. With ERP, it’s a positive thing!
Let me explain.

Most people think ERP is all about technology. While it’s true that it involves using technology to streamline processes, the main focus of ERP is your business and helping it thrive. The right ERP system will help your business grow and become more profitable!

Several options are available – you don’t have to settle for a “one-size-fits-all” experience.

Some famous actors only work on TV shows. Others focus more on acting in movies. Some work until they’re old. Others retire early and choose to lead a simple life outside of the spotlight. They definitely have several options!

ERP vendors often wish you knew that you have several options too when it comes to your ERP system, including:

  • On-premise ERP – This type of ERP system is the traditional model that many businesses use (especially enterprise-level businesses!). To use it, you install the software on your server and other hardware if necessary.
  • Industry-specific ERP – This type of ERP system is tailored to fit unique industry needs, which helps keep implementation time to a minimum.
  • Small Business ERP – This type of ERP system is more lightweight than on-premise ERP and is specifically designed to meet the business and budget needs of a small business.

…And these are just a few of the many options available! So, whether you’re a large business, a small business, or a business with unique needs, there’s likely an ERP solution that will work for you.

The right solutions are critical for successful growth.

A famous actor must get several things right to grow a career quickly. For example, they usually need a good agent, proper auditioning skills, and some solid connections.

Can you think of what you need in order to grow your business? You guessed it – the right ERP system. It can streamline your business processes. It helps you cut costs. It promotes accuracy and gives you the ability to make business decision confidently. Overall, it’s just a great way to make sure your company is agile and can expand as needed.

If you don’t know which ERP system you should consider, feel free to contact TGO Consulting today. Our ERP vendors are famously good at helping companies decide on the right ERP solution!

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What are your goals when it comes to your business?

If you’re like many other business owners, you’re probably looking to grow your company, become more successful, and make more money. But wait – have you ever thought about whether or not your business is equipped with the tools needed to scale up quickly?

If you haven’t, then you should start considering it now. Yes – growing your business is great, but if you don’t plan for it properly, you could endanger the company you’ve worked so hard to build. After all, your business processes are complex, and you need to be prepared for them to grow alongside your company.

That’s where choosing the right ERP software can help. With ERP software that supports innovation and growth by serving as the backbone of your business, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that the inner workings of your company can easily scale.

Here are 4 ways ERP helps with growth:

Streamlined processes for scalability

Got a growing business? If so, you’re probably dealing with your processes becoming significantly more complex, and you’re likely also adding in new processes to accommodate the addition of more products and customers. These changes can cause a lot of frustration and confusion among employees if you don’t address them quickly.

An ERP helps allowing you to integrate several processes into one shared system that supports many different functionalities. Having one access point allows you to avoid chaos and become more efficient, especially during growth periods. Bottom line: your business can continue running smoothly as it grows with the right ERP system in place.

Better decision-making for quick adaptability

The right ERP software provides you with enhanced visibility and presents your business information in a way that is useful for future planning and decision making. It also allows you to quickly pinpoint changes that may have a significant impact on your business so you can address them as needed and avoid negative consequences.

Customer satisfaction

When you use the right ERP system to manage your data, your customer service team can easily access accurate, up-to-date information so they can handle customers more effectively.

On top of that, some ERP systems even allow your customers to view their order history and place orders online – this is both convenient for the customer and good for your business because it helps reduce the workload of your customer service agents by freeing them up to help other customers.


When you automate your business processes, your business becomes more efficient and your employees work more productively, which usually results in higher profits! The right ERP system allows you to gain all of these benefits and cut down on inaccuracies because it eliminates human error (this saves you both time and money!).

Ready to find out which type of ERP software is right for you? We’d love to help you compare the options and find the right fit! Contact the team at TGO Consulting today.

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Read more on "True Sky vs. Microsoft Forecaster: Learn the Difference With the Help of Iron Man!" »True-Sky-vs-Microsoft-Forecaster

Tony Stark is a pretty cool guy – both as himself and as Iron Man. He’s brilliant, hard-working, and has a wonderfully snarky sense of humor!

Here at TGO, we think that Microsoft Forecaster and True Sky are both pretty cool too. They might not literally be superheroes, but they do provide your business with superpowers when it comes to planning, budgeting, and forecasting!

Don’t believe me? Then prepare to be amazed and check out this comparison of Microsoft Forecaster and True Sky with the help of the Iron Man himself!

Microsoft Forecaster

Really, Tony Stark is just a regular guy (okay – he’s super rich too– but you know what I mean!). However, he’s also really useful to The Avengers because of his quick thinking. And he’s fully capable of doing awesome things, like inventing new gadgets! Microsoft Forecaster is like that too – it’s a simple solution, but it is also fully capable of helping you manage your budget process. It’s probably right for you if:

  • You are running a small to mid-sized business
  • You need a simple, out-of-the-box budgeting solution
  • You are looking to streamline your planning process

Some of the other benefits of Microsoft Forecaster include:

  • Human resources benefits – With Forecaster, you’ll get a better understanding of your staffing needs because your HR planning details can be viewed, customized, and analyzed in several different ways.
  • Better collaboration – Forecaster can be used to coordinate plans dynamically and allows you to easily collaborate with your management team.
  • Better planning – Forecaster allows you to create accurate plans instantly by automatically spreading increases and decreases across all planning periods.

Now, let’s take a look at how True Sky compares when it comes to planning, budgeting, and forecasting:

True Sky

True Sky is more like Tony Stark when he’s suited up as Iron Man. Both are more robust and can solve more complex/unique problems because of all of their added capabilities! True Sky is a great fit for you if:

  • Your business has complex and/or unique budgeting, planning, and forecasting requirements
  • You are looking to save time when it comes to budgeting and focus more on moving your business forward
  • You are looking to reduce the effort required to manage your budgeting process

Some other benefits of True Sky include:

  • Reduced training time – Since True Sky is a tool used in Excel, your employees can use their existing Excel knowledge to make it work.
  • Unique features – True Sky allows you to build custom templates based on the way your business works, which makes the budgeting process more intuitive and allows you to save time.
  • Intuitive design – True Sky has a simple, user-friendly interface and optimizes the Excel interface for complex planning, budgeting, and forecasting requirements.

Overall, True Sky is the more robust planning, budgeting, and forecasting tool, so if you outgrow Microsoft Forecaster, consider switching to True Sky.

Which will you choose – Tony Stark or Iron Man? Microsoft Forecaster or True Sky? The decision is yours. If you need help figuring it out, we’d love to help – contact TGO today

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Read more on "5 Ways ERP Can Make Your Business as Agile as a Deadly Ninja" »


Trust me – you wouldn’t want to get into a fight with a ninja. After all, they’re stealthy, good at unarmed combat, trained to use various weapons, and know how to use their minds to overcome tough obstacles! They are also incredibly agile.

…But what does agility mean to ninjas? Well, simply put, it refers to their ability to move quickly and gracefully.

What you may not realize is that agility isn’t just a skill for ninjas – it’s one that should be possessed by your business too! Business agility is the ability to make important business decisions quickly and cost-effectively in response to change. If your business is agile, you can make smart adjustments that allow you to keep up with market demands and gain a competitive advantage.

So, get ready to dropkick your next tough business decision with the agility of a trained ninja. The right ERP solution will help with business process improvement so you can make it happen. Here’s how:

1. Convenient, real-time business intelligence

What do you need to make a good business decision? Access to reliable data, of course! The right ERP solution will not only provide you with the data you need – it will deliver that data in real time so you can quickly gain visibility and a deeper understanding of your company’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. Gaining this knowledge will allow you to innovate faster and reduce costs.

2. Automation

Automating repetitive tasks is a huge contribution to business process improvement. When it is done with an ERP solution, your business can run much more smoothly. Automation allows business activities to be performed much more quickly and accurately, eliminating mistakes caused by manual methods and presenting precise information fast so business decisions can be made as needed.

3. Use mobile technology

Mobile technology, like smartphones, can help your business become more agile. Add an ERP solution into the mix, and it will make your business run even more smoothly. With a few clicks on a mobile app, you and your employees can automatically trigger the actions that need to be taken to complete orders and other tasks – this really comes in handy when you aren’t at your computer!

4. Improving insight

We’ve already established that ERP allows you to get data quickly, but did you know that it also improves the quality of the data you have access to? That’s right – with a well-designed ERP solution, you’ll get better, more detailed information from the best sources. Then, you’ll get that information presented to you in a way that is incredibly useful for your business. That way, you can easily identify any problems within your business and take quick steps to eliminate them.

ERP does much more than make your business more agile through business process improvement. It can actually help you save money, go paperless, and more. If you’re interested in gaining all these benefits, our ERP experts would love to talk to you! Contact TGO Consulting today, and let’s chat about the right ERP system for your business needs.

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