Case Study – Sage ERP X3 Solution

The Challenge

As a new company, this start-up already had complex needs and sought a powerful ERP solution that offered all the required functionality in an integrated, scalable offering. The required functionality included:

  • Manufacturing
  • Product configurator
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Service issue tracking
  • Remote access
  • Multicurrency
  • Strong core accounting
  • Financial reporting

Our Solution

TGO recommended Sage ERP X3 knowing that this company was bound for growth. X3 was the ideal fit because it offered all the required functionality specified by the client along with manufacturing, accounting, and international capabilities the company needed immediately. The product was custom built for the varied requirements of the client.


While most new companies opt to start operations using an entry-level accounting package, eventually moving to a full-fledged ERP solution, this company planned for growth from the onset. By investing in software capable of taking their company far, they were confident that Sage ERP X3 could help them avoid future problems associated with growth.

Additional Information

“Our business model is complex, and Sage ERP X3 offers the international capabilities, scalability, and the advanced manufacturing toolset that we need right now. We are fortunate to have an experienced, knowledgeable partner to help us deploy the software.” — President and CEO

Strong leadership, great team…

"TGO distinguished themselves during a difficult economic climate with strong leadership, a great team, and a deep focus on customer satisfaction,"

Doug Burgum, Senior Vice President Microsoft Corporation, President of Microsoft Business Solutions. , Canada