‘Connect’ with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted on: October 12, 2017


Topics: Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP, often considered the ultimate in accounting software, has recently enjoyed an update. Luckily, Microsoft has taken a unique and worthy approach with its recent updates, especially with the newest versions of Dynamics GP, where more and more of the new features incorporated into the product are as a result of user feedback and feature requests.

In fact, in the upcoming release of Dynamics GP 2018, more than half of the new features are said to be as a result of requests from the community, making them all the more relevant for those who actually use the software on a regular basis.

So, you’ve got an idea for something that would make life as a GP user easier. How do you tell Microsoft that? It’s simple actually – you just “Connect” with them.

The Microsoft Connect portal, which can be found here https://connect.microsoft.com/, allows a registered user to submit feedback, or bug reports, for participating Microsoft products. Other community users vote “Yea” or “Nay,” and that additional feedback helps Microsoft determine which suggestions would be of greater value to the community at large.

Some of the products currently accepting feedback include SQL Server, Visual Studio, and, of particular interest to us, the Dynamics product line, including Dynamics GP.

Let TGO know what you’d like to see in Dynamics GP. We can either submit feedback on your behalf, or vote on your suggestion with the hopes of seeing your ideas incorporated into future versions of GP!

Good on ya, Microsoft for listening to your customers!

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