Distributors Can Build Trust And Strengthen Relationships With Customer-Centric Systems

Posted on: June 3, 2014


Topics: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Food & Beverage, Manufacturing & Distribution, Sage ERP X3

improved customer service - Sage ERP X3

For the next 12 weeks, we’ll be posting a series of blog posts on the importance of owning a business management system. For more insight into the challenges that distribution companies must overcome, be sure to download and read our free eBook, “The road to profits: How mid-size distributors can compete and win in a mega supplier world.”

Distributors must learn to compete

The distribution marketplace is very competitive. While the quality of your products and pricing is very important, so is customer service. When customers are confident in your prompt and reliable service, they have no reason to look at your competitors.



Improve customer service

There are a lot of ways to impress your customers and a quick response to their inquiry along with stellar customer service tops the list. In order to respond fast to customer inquiries, you need to be able to quickly access your customer data, which you can’t do with disparate, specialty software programs.

Centralize Data with Integrated Solutions

If your customer service or sales teams have to open multiple software programs or scan through paper reports, files, or manifests for shipping details, customers will get frustrated and find another business that can satisfy their needs faster.

Speed up your customer interactions with an efficient, integrated business management solution from Sage Software and TGO Consulting. As discussed in “The road to profits: How mid-size distributors can compete and win in a mega supplier world,” an integrated solution puts all of your customer data in one software solution instead of several, which will improve customer service.

With a robust business management software solution, like Sage ERP X3, you can manage customer data, orders, inventory, shipping options, as well as the rest of your core business needs. Customer service and sales teams can answer customers’ questions without putting your customers on hold.

Distribution Sage X3

Self Service Portals

You can also connect your e-commerce operations with your business management solution and create a self-service portal for customers to access their own data, at their own convenience. Self-services features like these cut out the need to contact your service team, which makes it easier for customers to get their answers even faster.

Distribution Sage X3


Build Trust With Your Customers

Build trust, show customers that they are your highest priority and nurture these long-term relationships by using technology to your advantage.  By building this rapport with your customers you can be sure that they will stay lifetime consumers of your product.

Contact TGO Consulting for more information about implementing a business management system with customer-centric features that support superior customer service. Learn more about Sage ERP X3.
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