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Enterprise Resource Planning

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Enterprise Resource Planning – what does it really mean?  Let’s break it down…

All you really need to take away is the word Enterprise, as the Planning and Resource parts are insignificant to the overall picture. An Enterprise Resource Planning solution is meant to integrate all departments and functions across an organization onto a single computer system that serves all different departments’ specific needs.

Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are designed to help you make smarter decisions, serve your customers better and work more efficiently. Regardless of the industry or size of your business, there’s an ERP system for you.

Our Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ideal financial and operations management software for growing organizations.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Aiming to help you manage your business, Microsoft Dynamics 365 introduces individual and personalized applications for greater productivity and efficiency to fit your operation’s needs.

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Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 is the proven solution for mid-market customers with international ambitions and multi-national requirements.

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Solutions Enhancements

See our list of leading software solutions that help manage sales, marketing and customer service operations.

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What the Right ERP System Should Do For Your Business:

Here are some ways an ERP solution can help you:

  • Increase communication between departments, whether it’s different offices, cities, or countries
  • Increase efficiencies by ensuring employees can access information they need from anywhere in the world
  • Streamline processes across various departments, i.e. Finance and Accounting, HR, Sales & Marketing, Procurement and Sourcing, Operations, Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management, Project Management,  Global Risk & Compliance, etc.
  • Obtain 360 degree visibility into your every day operations
  • Save costs across your organization
  • Better manage your company’s finances

Our team of industry experts have delivered over 2500 successful projects, solving complex business problems with technology. Not only do we implement the ERP system that is best suited for your business, we provide custom development, a dedicated support team and training so that you can use your system to its fullest potential. We are committed to on-going review and optimization to ensure the solution continues to meet your needs as your business changes and grows.

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