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Assistance PSA for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Project Management Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Manage your Projects with Assistance PSA

Assistance PSA for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 was developed for the new generation of information workers, who are always online and work wherever and whenever they wish. Can your organization facilitate that? Are you ready for the new generation of information workers? Assistance PSA is a completely integrated solution for contemporary information workers. Developed for the latest technology, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 platform. Choose for the future and make sure that you are ready for it! Let us introduce you to Assistance PSA for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the solution for professional service organizations that are looking ahead.

Your Timesheet integrated with Outlook

The vision is clear and simple: you, today’s knowledge worker, want to use an application that is easy and user-friendly in a familiar environment. You prefer to continue working with Outlook , to create projects, make budgets and schedules, all this in your familiar Outlook environment. It would save so much time if you had a smart solution that also links to your calendar, that allows you to make hour entries and to deal with your resource planning in a way that is integrated with Outlook. The time has come to choose for efficiency, to start working in the way you would have devised yourself, to move on to a new generation of software that will give you and your organization a significant edge.

Project Management and Gantt Chart Planning

Assistance PSA offers a full integration with your any financial platform and with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform (NAV/GP/AX). This standard integration is delivered out of the box by Microsoft. In the front end section, you manage your customers and contacts with full CRM functionality: Assistance PSA adds the following functionality to Dynamics CRM 2015:

  • Project and contract management
  • Project calculation and estimation
  • Sales forecasting
  • Project and resource planning
  • Activity gantt chart planning
  • Time and expense registration
  • Invoicing

All information you need in a single platform, online and offline. Assistance PSA for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available through TGO’s Consulting Services.

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