How Microsoft Dynamics GP Can Help You Grow Your Business

Posted on: February 10, 2016


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

At TGO, we’ve been working with the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP for many years – in fact, we’re proud to say that we’ve achieved recognition as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and we hold the Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) competency.

We love working with MS Dynamics software because it can be a really effective solution for many different kinds of businesses. While it might not be right for every business – that’s why we also offer another excellent ERP system, Sage X3 – Dynamics GP has a huge array of features that can help businesses work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

MS Dynamics ERP: Manage every aspect of your business, from human resources to manufacturing and more, in a single system.

What’s great about an ERP is that it can take the many diverse segments of your business and host them in one system. Dynamics GP has the out-of-the-box functionality to support all your departments in an integrated system. This is complemented by collaboration tools, including instant messaging and email, which make it easy for your staff to communicate and find the data they need across departments.

Gain better insight into your business’s inner workings.

One of Dynamics GP’s greatest strengths is its built-in business intelligence abilities. Users can view data in a variety of formats, and – even better – they can pull or access this data by themselves, without having to request reports from other departments or IT.

Dynamics GP can also help you achieve greater financial transparency, using shared data and integrated systems that allow you to easily follow your business’s financial trails.

If you can use Microsoft Office, you can use Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Since Dynamics GP is a Microsoft solution, it looks like and works like the other Microsoft programs you’re almost certainly familiar with – Microsoft Office, for example.

This is an important advantage, as a major concern many businesses have with implementing an ERP system is the time and training that staff will need in order to learn how to use it. While training is always an excellent investment of both time and money, it never hurts to have a system that will be relatively easy for you and your staff to get used to.

Increase productivity through better communication and the ability to make better, quicker decisions.

Boosting productivity is a goal of any ERP system implementation, and Dynamics GP can help you do so in several different ways.

First, you can improve the way your employees share information, whether through a SharePoint portal or over the web. Since Dynamics GP is cloud- and mobile-enabled, you don’t have to worry about staff being on site to use it.

Second, Dynamics GP doesn’t require any special technology systems – it works with the ones you have. This means you can integrate Dynamics GP into your business processes right away, instead of figuring out which systems need to go, and which you can adapt to your ERP.

Third, Dynamics GP will allow you to automate processes like payables and receivables management and purchasing. This can save your staff significant time on a monthly, weekly, even daily basis.

And finally, the increased business intelligence you’ll get means you have the data you need to quickly make well-informed decisions. You can even designate a person or people on your team as capable of making critical decisions for you, using tools and workflows that maintain transparency and can add context to actions.

Scale up or down seamlessly with hosted services.

Cloud services continue to claim a larger and larger share of the market, and Dynamics GP is keeping up – it’s available both as an on-premise and cloud, or hosted, service.

The benefits of choosing the hosted service are especially large for smaller or mid-size businesses. For one thing, cloud services won’t require a major IT investment – instead, you can begin using the service for a relatively low initial cost. And hosting in the cloud means you can easily scale your system up or down as your business grows or contracts.

Are you considering implementing Dynamics GP or another ERP system in your business? Contact us at TGO – we’d love to help you choose the solution that best fits your needs!