How To Boost Your Company’s Agility

Posted on: June 4, 2015


Topics: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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Agility. It’s not just the latest buzzword in business – it’s a necessity in today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace. Businesses have to be able to turn on a dime, to adapt to changing market conditions and succeed. But the foundation of agility is actionable data. Without the most current information on any given aspect of your business – presented in a way that makes it understandable and easy to base decisions on – true, meaningful agility is impossible.

That’s where having the right ERP system comes into play. Keeping track of the constant stream of data describing every aspect of your business is pretty close to impossible without an overarching system in place to keep it all organized. An ERP provides detailed visibility into the workings of your business, so that informed decisions can be made based on that understanding.

But what if your business requires the type of decision-making that relies on real-time data in order to be truly agile? The type of decision-making where a day or even an hour delay can make the difference, and a week or a month is much too late?

Then you might just need an ERP with a custom enhancement that allows for instant data entry – even on-site at a job – real-time exception alerts, and access to current information from anywhere.  When you integrate WennSoft’s Job Cost software into your ERP, you allow decision makers at every level of your company access to the data they need to keep your business agile.

Job Cost provides companies with the ability to track all costs related to a project – but more than that, it allows visibility into costs and even estimates on any phase of past projects, as well, so that comparisons can be made and insights can be gained to improve efficiency in the future.

With all that data accessible anywhere, anytime, decision makers can easily and quickly steer the company in the right direction. Project managers especially benefit from this instant access to data and real-time alerts when exceptions arise. Just imagine the scenario – your project manager is at the job site, when suddenly he receives an alert. He quickly accesses the pertinent data, then checks a prior project to see how things were handled there, and what the results of that were. He is then able to quickly make a completely informed decision while still on-site, and while the situation is still ongoing, rather than waiting until later, or making an uninformed choice on the spot. Not only does Job Cost increase efficiency, it also helps your team make the best decisions possible to improve performance and reduce costs.

So if your company is looking for an ERP solution that includes an integrated enhancement that can dramatically increase your efficiency, reduce your costs, and boost your agility, contact TGO Consulting today. We can customize your ERP system to include WennSoft’s Job Cost and get your business on the path to increased agility today.