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ERP Solutions for Construction Industry

ERP solution for Construction Industry

Construction companies often employee hundreds of employees, while simultaneously trying to monitor job operations located on different sites. The fast-paced nature of the 21st century is encouraging companies in the construction industry to adapt and implement new technologies to improve efficiencies throughout all operations. Remaining consistent with the quality of work is the highest necessity, but in order to drive profitability, construction companies now must look to more productive and traceable ways of operating.

With an integrated software solution from TGO Consulting, all levels of business can be easily tracked and improved by:

  • Utilizing greater mobility with access to all business channels from any smartphone or tablet
  • Managing all work sites, job contracts and bids for new projects in one location
  • Accessing and tracking all human resources data including payroll and employee records
  • Implementing and updating safety regulations and standards without delay
  • Tracking all expenses and enhancing supply management to drive profitability

Top Reasons to Upgrade to a Modern ERP Solution

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Why should you consider upgrading to a modern enterprise resource planning solution? Take a look at the facts and the top 4 reasons why 1 in 4 businesses are looking to invest in modern ERP this year. 

Reason 1: reduce costs. Leading industry research found that nearly half of business investments are made to reduce costs. Modern ERP solutions reduce operational costs by 23% and administration costs by 22% by delivering accurate, real-time information about day-to-day operations to make smarter decisions.

Reason 2: streamline processes. More than 1/3 of mid-size companies want technology to streamline their business processes. Modern ERP solutions automate and accelerate end-to-end processes. They increase operational efficiency by guiding users through complex tasks, eliminating data re-entry, and enabling self-service, and improving completion and on-time deliveries by 24% due to better decision making and order tracking.

Reason 3: manage business growth. 28% of technology spending by mid-size business aims to manage growth. Because modern ERP solutions are web-based, process-oriented and scalable, businesses can easily support change and grow their operating margins by 21%.

Reason 4: adapt to global markets. The need to adapt to global markets propels 21% of investment decisions in mid-size businesses. Modern ERP solutions can scale to multiple locations and countries with a single global business solution. Think a modern ERP solution could be right for you? Stay tune and watch one of our 2-minute videos on the top challenges solved by ERP solutions.

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