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Distribution Industry

Distribution is all about satisfying demand with timely and efficient delivery of products. With the fast-moving pace of the 21st century, it is becoming harder and harder to maintain consistent inventory management and drive sales, while competing with the under-cutting prices of larger companies taking advantage of globalization. Simply put, an effective distribution system means that your company has a better chance of selling a higher volume of products.

Not only were we looking for a system that could fit the growing needs of our company, we were looking for a technology partner that could grow with us and TGO was the right fit. We liked their open approach when it came to accommodating our needs.
Mike Shorts, VP & General Manager – Triangle Fluids 


With a cost-effective software solution implemented by TGO Consulting, improve your distribution by:

  • Reducing cycle times and getting to market faster
  • Ensuring cost and quality control
  • Transacting internationally with multi-currency, multi-legislation, and multi-language capabilities
  • Improving service and sales with integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Reducing cost overruns with better business intelligence
  • Accurately forecasting to decrease inventory waste and write-offs

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