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Food and Beverage ERP Software

Food & Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is a competitive marketplace facing penetration from companies all around the world. Food and beverage producers are being forced to adapt shorter product life-cycles and intense regulatory standards that demand complex business processes and traceability. Not only do companies in this industry have to precisely manage recipes and production, but they must also focus their efforts on an effective distribution strategy in order to drive sales and profitability.

As a rapidly growing, privately-owned mid-market manufacturer of wholesome organic snack foods, we needed a flexible, scalable, sustainable ERP platform for now and the future…we selected TGO because of their culture, their engagement approach and methodology, their leading skills and capabilities and most importantly their resolute conviction to a highly successful implementation.
Steve Diakowsky, President & CEOShandiz Natural Foods


With an integrated software solution from TGO Consulting, Food and Beverage producers can grow and maintain all streams of their business in one location by:

  • Managing recipes and product life-cycles for consistent production and distribution
  • Utilizing highly repetitive and high volume process flows
  • Using a sophisticated pricing and contract management system
  • Eliminating waste and spoiled product
  • Implementing rigorous quality control and regulatory standards consistently
  • Tracking orders to ensure timely delivery

How Do You Know You’ve Outgrown Your Basic Accounting Software?

Infographic: ERP in Food & Beverage

ERP in food and beverage infographic

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