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Manufacturing Industry

Our manufacturing clients can be divided into two different sections: discrete and process manufacturing. Although these two industries vary greatly in terms of process, they face the same challenges that all companies in the manufacturing industry have to overcome to become successful. Intense global competition forces companies to be efficient and extremely cost-effective with their methods, which makes finding and keeping skilled labor an overwhelming task. There are also shifting and differentiated consumer needs that manufacturing companies must take into account.

As a rapidly growing, privately-owned mid-market manufacturer of wholesome organic snack foods, we needed a flexible, scalable, sustainable ERP platform for now and the future…we selected TGO because of their culture, their engagement approach and methodology, their leading skills and capabilities and most importantly their resolute conviction to a highly successful implementation.
Steve Diakowsky, President & CEOShandiz Natural Foods


These problems can be minimized with an integrated software solution from TGO Consulting. Improve your Manufacturing process by:

  • Tracking data to effectively monitor your entire manufacturing process
  • Receiving insight into individual costs to drive profitability in all sectors
  • Responding quicker to customer inquiries and solving abnormalities with integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Streamlining multiple processes and systems into one fully integrated software solution
  • Capitalizing on demand and getting products to market faster
  • Utilizing customizable dashboards, giving all users exactly the information they need to make more informed decisions

Latest ERP Trends for Manufacturers

Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing can be defined as the production of distinct items, such as automobiles, furniture, or smartphones. This section of manufacturing focuses on high quantity and low complexity, placing heavy emphasis on managing inventory controls, lead times and reducing or limiting material costs and wastes.

Process Manufacturing

Contrasting to discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing is the branch of the industry that deals with formulas and manufacturing recipes. A product created through process manufacturing, cannot be returned to its original form, therefore placing a high importance on consistent production and inventory management. Important areas such as ingredients, units of measure, implementation and pricing must be constantly evaluated relative to the company.

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