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ERP Software for Sports, Media & Entertainment


The sports, media and entertainment industry is fueled by creative, passionate and high-energy professionals. To compete in an industry dominated by large corporations, smaller companies must remain agile and efficient with all business processes. From organized sports, to television and magazines, the different sectors of the industry have recently evolved at a rapid rate. With shifting consumer tendencies and demographics, companies in the sports, media and entertainment industry must be constantly adapting their strategy and utilizing new business insight to maximize profitability.
With an ERP software solution from TGO Consulting, Sports, Media and Entertainment companies can gain a competitive advantage by:

  • Maintaining a stronger presence online to capture consumer trends and demographics
  • Enhancing business insight with advanced data and analytics
  • Utilizing customizable dashboards to give users the right information to make better informed business decisions
  • Responding faster to customer inquiries with built in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Streamlining all business processes into one fully integrated software solution
  • Increasing accessibility to remotely access all business channels via any smartphone or tablet

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