Keeping Pace with Technology and The Future of ERP

Posted on: September 7, 2017


Topics: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), ERP

Enterprise resource planning systems have been around for decades. With some things, a history such as this would be a good thing. However, when it comes to the ERP system you rely upon, such is not the case. With technology advancing at the pace it is, running an old version of your ERP system or continuing to rely on ERP software that was updated more than five years ago, may just be detrimental.

As with any form of technology, change is often swift and long lasting. Here we’re thinking of some of the most recent evolutions – smartphones, tablets, the cloud. Such advancements have had major impacts on their predecessors, and trying to stick with tradition and resist change is typically going to result in your company falling behind. The same is true with ERP.

Modern ERP is mobile. Tired of being tied to your desktop? The cloud makes it possible to remain online, all the time. This means that you can access your system from anywhere. Mobility improves efficiency and ups your pace, making you more competitive and better able to adapt to change as it happens.

Modern ERP is customizable. A one-size-fits-all ERP system is so 2010. Customization is key to creating an effective ERP experience. In today’s tech-based environment, it is important for solutions to fit the functional needs of their users. Customization provides users with the tools to more effectively compete in their various industries.

Modern ERP is automated. It is well-known that automation improves productivity and reduces errors. Time is money, and so implementing an ERP system that offers a high degree of automation for repetitive tasks can greatly reduce your time and resources, saving you money.

Modern ERP is interconnected. Integrated into all aspects of the business, the most up-to-date ERP should integrate seamlessly into your various other systems. This makes automation, mentioned above, far more valuable.

Modern ERP offers more. More applications, more add-ons, more features, more functionality. We all want more, so why stick with that traditional ERP system that offers less?

At TGO, it is our job to stay on top of technology and look to the future to see what the next wave of business management systems will bring. By doing this, we are able to bring you the latest, most effective updates and most valuable ERP software in the industry. We may not have a crystal ball, but we’re pretty close.

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