Tracey Whitehouse

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Tracey is a founder and Chief Operating Officer of TGO Consulting. Tracey formed TGO Consulting with partners Orgad Gratch and George Braun with a mandate to build the best possible system implementation team in the industry. Since TGO’s inception, Tracey has been involved in many implementations, taking part in a variety of roles including needs analysis, providing business recommendations, training, and support. Currently, Tracey is focussed on organizational excellence within TGO: building an infrastructure to support the company’s growth, hiring talented people, and leading TGO’s marketing efforts to promote the company’s success. Tracey began her career implementing and providing support for customers and resellers of York Street Software, an accounting/distribution system developed by Crowntek Canada.  From there she worked with custom accounting systems at Prosol Systems until she left to form TGO.