Make Your Training Work for Your Company

Posted on: December 28, 2015


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Financial Training Services

If you’ve read our blog before, you know we don’t believe that systems training has to be something to be dreaded. Quite the contrary: if you put some thought into the kind and amount of training you need, you can end up with a session that’s informative, efficient, and if not outright fun, at least enjoyable.

At TGO, we love helping companies meet their training needs. One of the most important things we’ve found throughout our years of working with companies of all shapes and sizes is that flexibility is key. From live training, to webinars and special events, TGO training services encompass options that can fit any and every need.

So what financial training services would be best for your team? Here are a few scenarios that might help you decide.

Training scenario 1: A large educational services firm is transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

In this scenario, a large educational services firm is switching ERP systems, changing to Microsoft Dynamics GP. The company’s first training priority is senior management and executives, because the firm’s CEO believes (quite rightly) getting top management to buy in to the project is essential to the project’s success.

The company gets in touch with TGO—we are an accredited Microsoft Dynamics GP learning centre, after all—and describes their needs. They want a two-day session that will mainly give their senior management and executives a broad overview of the ERP system’s capabilities, along with some more detailed information on how the ERP can make their daily tasks easier.

We at TGO customize a training specifically for the company, making sure that we streamline the session as much as possible. Because we have been working with the company throughout the process of choosing and implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP, we have a good idea of what information is necessary and what will just be extra noise. On the scheduled date, the executives attend the training at our learning centre in Markham, Ontario. We agree with the company to later do a more in-depth training session for lower-level employees.

Training scenario 2: A financial services group needs training on a solution enhancement for one of their systems.

In this case, a financial services group wants to optimize their use of the Accounts Receivable module in Microsoft Dynamics GP. They don’t want to spent too much time, and they don’t need anything specialized—they just want to make sure the employees are using the module to its optimum functionality.

They call us and we recommend an upcoming class we’re hosting, Receivables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP. It’s a day-long, to-the-point session with one of our GP specialists in our TGO classroom. It fits the company’s needs exactly, and the employees return with the knowledge they need to do their jobs better.

Training scenario 3: A public sector organization wants inexpensive training on a solution enhancement.

For public sector organizations, both time and money for training can be hard to come by. In this case, a public sector group needs training on a solution enhancement, but they have neither the funds nor the time to send employees to our training centre. Instead, they want something employees can attend without leaving their building.

With that in mind, TGO recommends one of our online training events. They’re still taught live by instructors, but are accessible via conference call and computer. In these sessions, trainees get to practice what they’re learning as they go, making them a highly efficient method for organizations that may be strapped for training resources.

The organization registers three employees, and they learn exactly what they need to—without even leaving their desks.

At TGO, we’re all about personalization—that’s how we approach everything from training, to our financial systems consulting services, to our ERP implementation projects. We want to make sure you exactly what your business needs. If we can help create a personalized training session for your company, contact us today!