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The TGO “Fixed Price, Guaranteed Results” methodology:

TGO applies our proven and tested methodology to every client interaction – comprehensive diagnosis before prescription!

Understanding your business objectives and challenges is critical to delivering the most cost effective financial system.

TGO ConsultingBusiness Direction Gap Analysis

TGO Custom DevelopmentFinancial Systems Quality Assessment

TGO Education CentreFinancial Systems Assurance

Business Direction Gap Analysis

Working with your senior management team we are able to:

  • Understand your business direction and objectives
  • Conduct an iterative review process to ensure alignment
  • Qualify and bring clarity to your gaps
  • Mutually agree on a roadmap to achieve success
  • Fixed price
  • Guarantee results
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Financial Systems Quality Assessment

Provides you with the knowledge to optimize the performance of your financial systems, enabling your business to run in a more cost-effective manner.

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Financial Systems Assurance

Simplifying the issue resolution process by providing you with one stop support – enabling a quick and appropriate resolution.

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