Welcome to the TGO Co-Op Program

TGO Co-op Program

TGO Consulting is a proud partner of the University of Waterloo’s Co-operative Education and Career Development program. TGO supports and participates in the professional development of students, giving them opportunities to apply knowledge learned in the classroom and gain relevant work experience. TGO works with the co-op students to improve a myriad of relevant skills, and gives students insight into personal working styles and preferred environments. TGO provides a base of opportunities to help students with their professional networks.

New Graduates

At TGO Consulting, you’ll have the opportunity to work with people who challenge you to think bigger and inspire you to be better. There’s never been a more exciting time to be part of the TGO family. We look for fun, intelligent and eager team players to join our team.

Interested in joining our co-op program?

Contact Franca Lo Bianco at 905 470 6830 x 110 or contact us through our contact page.

Feedback From Our Past Co-op Students

At TGO Consulting, we are proud supporters of co-op students from all universities. If you are a co-op student, please contact careers@tgo.ca

“Working at TGO has made my first co-op experience truly memorable. Backed by a supportive team and an environment that’s catered towards learning, I’ve developed several skills which I can relay in my future co-op terms. TGO is extremely welcoming with team members that always acknowledge effort and encouraged me to explore beyond my role and make the most of my time here. I couldn’t have asked for a more rewarding experience:)”

Co-op Student, 2017 – Abi Yogasekaram

“During my four month co-op term at TGO, I had the privilege of working closely with the Professional Services team as a Project Coordinator. My experience at TGO Consulting has provided me with the confidence to take on new opportunities and approach challenging situations. With the support and encouragement of the TGO team, I have been able to manage my own projects, work with a large team of professionals, and understand the process of implementing new business practices. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the TGO team the past four months. Thank you all for contributing to the positive experience I’ve had during this work term, I wish you all the best and hope to work with many of you in the future!”

Co-op Student, 2016 – Jessica Huang

“I’m grateful to have been a part of the TGO team as a Marketing and Office Coordinator. All of TGO helped make my four months here unique, fun and educational. I never once felt bored during the job and I think that says a lot about how much I enjoyed my position here. Most importantly, I was able to grow as a person both professionally and personally thanks to the entire TGO team.  I’m sad that these four months have come to an end so soon, but I will never forget the valuable teachings and memories that I made here at TGO. Thank you for being so good to me; I will miss the TGO team!”

Co-op Student, 2016 – Hiral Patel

“My co-op work term at TGO has made a huge difference to me as an aspiring Project Manager. I was able to apply project management methodology and theory, and even got the opportunity to manage small projects. I worked closely with the Project Managers and learned a great deal from their mentorship, and working with Tracey Whitehouse, COO, was incredibly formative. Overall, the people at TGO were very welcoming and fun to work with; I will miss my TGO family.”

Co-op Student, 2015 – Simone Weinstein

“TGO provides an unforgettable and truly unique workplace experience that cannot be easily duplicated by any other employer. Over the term, I have been provided with the opportunity to develop not only professionally, but individually as a person. I am thankful for such a wonderful experience, I will miss you all!”

Co-op Student, 2015 – Jonathan Chung

“I can honestly say without a doubt that the 676.5 hours spent at TGO will not be soon forgotten. I am confident that the knowledge that I have gained, coupled with the skills that I have learned, will propel me farther in life than I could have ever imagined. I have truly enjoyed my entire co-op term and I am endlessly grateful for the collaborative and supportive work environment in which I was able to cultivate so many strong bonds and friendships. The entire TGO team is a joy to work with, providing a co-op student with more than enough opportunities to seize all professional and life-related goals. Let’s not forget the free food though, that’s pretty awesome too.”

Co-op Student, 2014 – Matthew Sourgoutsidis

“I am so glad to have worked at TGO! My first co-op term has been a fantastic experience. My coworkers were very welcoming and supportive, and they provided many opportunities to develop useful technical and professional skills. The variety of tasks here maximized learning and made life interesting. Previous students were right – this is an awesome team! I loved the work environment here, and am grateful to the people that brightened each day. I definitely don’t regret choosing TGO, and am happy that they chose me.”

Co-op Student, 2014 – Sarah MacKeil

“Boring, repetitive, and a total waste of time…That is exactly the OPPOSITE of my TGO experience! As the Marketing and HR Assistant at TGO, I was bombarded with support and encouragement throughout my work term. TGO made the painful chore of waking up in the morning a task that was actually enjoyable. Never would I have ever expected to love to go to work every day. Through the good times and the bad, TGO will truly stay in my memories as the most enjoyable co-op placement I’ve ever had. #yoloswag #cray”

Co-op Student, 2013 & 2014 – Kevin Liu

“TGO was my first co-op placement as the Accounting and HR Assistant and I had no idea what to expect. When I first got to TGO, I was welcomed by friendly and respectful co-workers which got rid of the fears I had of the work force. Throughout my experience at TGO, I have learned to effectively set goals, network with knowledgeable individuals and had the chance to apply the knowledge I learned in school. In total, TGO was an amazing experience which has led me in meeting wonderful people and eat lots of yummy food!!!”

Co-op Student, 2013 – Esther Cho

“My first co-op term was better than I could have ever expected. Working at TGO was a true pleasure. I learned so much – both personally and professionally – and I am extremely grateful for the experience. I was given the opportunity to work on multiple projects and learn different aspects of business, alongside some amazing people.”

Co-op Student, 2012 – Stephanie Tortorici

“One of my favourite co-op work experiences have been with TGO Consulting. After three different co-op placements, TGO by far has the best work environment—the atmosphere is endearingly friendly and encouraging! As an HR Assistant there, they have really diversified my co-op experiences and provided me with valuable skills, allowing me to be involved with a variety of projects and tasks. To me, TGO’s goal is really about fostering growth and learning opportunities by offering unconditional support to their students that will help them succeed both personally and professionally. I consider myself fortunate to be working in a company where they take my goals seriously and appreciate the work that I set out to do!”

Co-op Student, 2012 – Monica Ngo

“Having the opportunity to work with the TGO team has taught me a lot about business operations, marketing, sales, and ERP systems. Great people and a great learning experience as I had the opportunity to be involved in many different projects. Highlights of my term was attending a CFO Summit in Toronto which I helped plan and co-ordinate and soccer Thursdays.”

Co-op Student, 2012 – Ryan Linkletter

“Working at TGO as a Network Administrator Assistant was my first co-op term placement. Although I was new to the company, the TGO family was more than willing to help me settle in. TGO presented a friendly atmosphere to work in that constantly strived to improve itself. Aside from the technical skills that I gained during the 8 month period, TGO gave me the opportunity to mature and learn important soft skills needed for the business world. Overall, working at TGO was a wonderful experience and a great place for a student to learn and grow.”

Co-op Student, 2012 – Dominic Li

“Working as a co-op student at TGO has opened up unimaginable opportunities for me to learn and achieve things I never knew I could do. More importantly, the working experience became a vital platform to see myself grow in the face of adversities and set-backs.”

Co-op Student, 2011 – Jenette Fong

“I absolutely loved my experience at TGO! Working as a Marketing Assistant, I learned about the different aspects of running a business — from Sales and Marketing to Human Resources. My co-op term also helped me grow professionally and allowed me to develop valuable skills needed to succeed in the workplace. With its amazing work environment and culture, TGO is definitely a great company for co-op students!”

Co-op Student, 2011 – Florence Chan