TGO’s Partner Spotlight – Sage- An ERP Solution Company

Posted on: October 22, 2015


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SAGE ERP Software Solution

If you’ve looked around the TGO Consulting website, you’ve probably noticed that we offer Sage X3 as a solution that can help you grow your business.

But what you may not know is that Sage offers several other software solutions that help businesses achieve more! Plus, they have a pretty unique start-up story. Check it out:

How Sage Was Started

Sage began as a start-up when David Goldman, a UK professor, met with a group of Newcastle University students at a bar. They talked about creating accounting software and eventually ended up working together to develop it.

While David initially planned to develop this software for his own business, he eventually realized that other businesses could benefit from it as well! So, in 1981, Sage was born and David began selling the innovative software to various companies.

Today, Sage operates in 24 countries and helps over 6 million of their customers reach success through the strategic use of technology.

Types of Businesses Sage Helps

Sage doesn’t just help accountants save time, boost efficiency, get more clients, and network. They also provide a wide range of software that solves a variety of complex business problems! Here’s who they help:

  • Start-ups – Sage understands start-ups and provides them with cost-effective ways to make accounting, project management, and other tasks easier.
  • Small businesses – Sage helps small businesses accept credit cards, process payroll, invoice, and more.
  • Medium-sized businesses – Sage helps mid-sized businesses grow by providing them with the necessary solutions to cut costs, win more business, and boost revenue.
  • Construction – Sage helps construction businesses with bid management, collaborative file sharing, electronic content management, and more.
  • Wholesale distribution – Sage’s efficiency-boosting distributor solutions help many different departments, including marketing, HR, warehouse, accounting, and more.
  • Manufacturing – According to Sage, better data helps manufacturers grow 35% faster. So, they help manufacturers harness the power of better data to gain a competitive advantage and increase profitability.

How You Can Grow Your Business with Sage X3

We’re proud to partner with Sage and offer their Sage X3 ERP solution to help businesses grow and reach their maximum potential. Here are a few benefits of choosing Sage X3:

  • Streamline and speed up business processes – The Sage X3 dashboard is user-friendly and shows you real-time data. When you access data from multiple departments in the intuitive system, you’ll find that processes can be completed more quickly and with less effort!
  • Access your ERP system from anywhere with an internet connection – Sage X3 makes your life more convenient by allowing you to access your dashboard from a mobile device any time.
  • Flexibility – With Sage X3, you can enjoy a custom experience because it adjusts to meet the needs of your business.

If you’d like to learn more about Sage X3, check out this page on our website. And, if you have questions or would like to have an in-depth conversation about the benefits of ERP, contact our team today!