Training and Webinars

Train your team to use the technology you provide to do their jobs effectively and efficiently!

Training and Webinars

Training is an important part of everything we do at TGO as we believe that the more your people know, the more you will be able to take advantage of the full functionality of your solution. All of the training provided by TGO is delivered by our experienced and highly qualified consultants, bringing real life experience to the training content. We work with our clients to understand their training goals and develop a plan to meet these goals, which can be anything from traditional hands-on classroom delivery to remote web training. We can customize options to be specific for your users and business requirements.

Current Webinars

We offer both free and premium webinars that make using the applications you rely upon effortless. Be faster and more efficient by learning about new tools or mastering the ones you are already using.

  • Mar 28
    Moving to the Cloud? Key Points to Consider Online - Webinar
  • Apr 24
    GP Power Tools Online - Webinar

Customized Training

We will develop a custom training program to hone-in on exactly what training you need to focus on.

  • Training on both general functionality and business specific processes.

  • We offer a classroom but can also come to you if you need us to.

  • Training to suit your schedule - full days or partial days as required.

  • We help you set goals and measure your training results.

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March 22, 2018

How to Encourage Cross-Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is the name of the business game in today’s technology-focused world. More than ever, internal communication is crucial. Many companies are focusing on breaking down silos and some are creating a flattened organizational structure, rather than the traditional top-down pyramid hierarchy. Even if you want to keep the hierarchy, the advantages of cross-team […]

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March 15, 2018

Organizational Structure and IT Strategy for Evolving with ‘The Cloud’

Technology is moving quickly in today’s world, which can feel overwhelming at times. But the beauty of emerging tech tools is that it can mean greater opportunity for business growth if your organizational structure is willing to adapt. Cloud technology is one such enabling technology we’ve seen introduced that has been shaking up the business […]

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March 8, 2018

Collaboration Tools for More Effective Meetings

Meetings can sometimes seem like a necessary evil. In the worst case, they tend to be long, drawn out, and don’t lead your team to any clear action. But in the best case, effective meetings can bring out new ideas, build comradery, and take your business to new heights. So, how do you get from […]

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February 22, 2018

Moving Your Business to the Cloud: Top Challenges

It seems impossible these days to do anything without hearing about the benefits of cloud-based systems, and accounting systems in particular. For a variety of reasons, organizations around the world are adopting processes that rely on cloud-based systems and shouting from the rooftops about how it’s the only way to go. However, what they may […]

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