User Acceptance Testing Management

Posted on: May 18, 2017


Topics: General, User Acceptance Testing

User acceptance testing (UAT), also known as application testing, or end user testing, is a crucial part of the implementation of any technology based solution. During UAT, actual users test the fully developed/configured solution to ensure that it can handle the required tasks, according to total project specifications, in real-world cases. This helps to identify any issues before the solution is given the final thumbs up and released to production.

With UAT, test cases are developed that determine how the solution should perform once it is in place and being used. Actual users perform their regular tasks in real-life situations to identify any issues, which, once identified, can be fixed and improvements can be made before going live.

For companies involved in the UAT process, to ensure the success of upgrades or new system implementations within an organization, UAT is essential. Unfortunately, even understanding the value, many users do not perform adequate UAT and just push forward hoping for the best. In scenarios such as this, often by the time management finds out that proper testing has not been carried out by their team, it’s too late. In these cases, the system has gone live and serious issues that were not vetted during the UAT process surface, leading to headaches that could have easily been avoided, and even sometimes identifying requirements that were not captured during design.

Simply asking users to do testing does not always work; they’ll find many excuses because of their busy schedules to avoid it like the plague. Frequently it comes right down to time. Users don’t necessarily decide not to do UAT, they just add it to their long list of priorities and it inevitably gets shuffled to the bottom until, as we noted, it’s too late.

To ensure success and avoid those headaches, TGO offers UAT management services with every implementation we are involved in. These services include assistance with case scenario creation as well as client testing management which ensures that proper testing takes place under TGO management and any issues are addressed and resolved prior to going live. We will support your team and ensure proper testing gets done.

At TGO Consulting, we’re committed to providing you with the support and guidance you need to keep your systems running smoothly. That includes providing UAT management services to ensure that this final stage of the solution implementation process is completed and your team can take full advantage of their system.

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