What Types of Companies Need an ERP System?

Posted on: February 26, 2015


Topics: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), General, Microsoft Dynamics GP

Enterprise Resource Planning Software
If you don’t currently use an ERP system, you might be wondering whether putting one in place might be a good idea for your business. But do you really need one? What kinds of companies can benefit most from having an ERP system, and why?

Businesses in industries ranging from manufacturing to catering use ERPs to their benefit. The truth is that any business can realize a real ROI from the use of an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system. ERPs streamline the administrative functions and processes of a business, making for higher efficiency and productivity – and less chance of error.

Because of this, any company experiencing rapid growth needs an ERP…

– the organizing value an ERP brings to the table alone is extremely worthwhile in enabling growing companies to keep close tabs on rapidly changing data, but it’s the fact that an ERP allows these businesses to see that data in real-time and use it in their decision making processes that makes it invaluable.

In much the same way, a business that is struggling can also benefit…

from the higher visibility and easier overview that an ERP provides into a company’s operations. Areas where savings could be realized, where operations could be streamlined, or where opportunities are being lost are much more easily seen and acted upon with an ERP in place.

For large, complex businesses, an ERP is simply a must…

How else can a company keep track of the massive amounts of data divided among different areas such as accounting, inventory, and CRM? Maintaining multiple siloed systems means that data can’t be shared easily among departments, and that executives can’t see everything at a glance – and of course, such systems cost significantly more as well, both in terms of the systems themselves and the loss of productivity they result in. An ERP is the only solution to a large business’s needs.

Small businesses can also benefit from an ERP system…

In a small company, everyone wears multiple hats, and everyone pitches in wherever and whenever the need arises – which is pretty much all the time. So who has time to manage multiple spreadsheets, or handle several different silos of information? An ERP system allows small business owners to spend more time on their actual business, and less time on administrative tasks.

Medium-sized businesses are missing out on vast opportunities…

for increased productivity and efficiency, as well as much better insight into their company’s workings, if they do not use an ERP system.  In order to get a better handle on their processes and take that next step to become one of the big boys, an ERP system is paramount.

As you can see, an ERP system truly can benefit any size business, in any stage of its development and growth.  We like to say, there are only really two types of businesses – those that need an ERP, and those that just don’t realize they need an ERP. No matter what your business looks like, we at TGO Consulting are here to help.

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