When You Know You’ve Outgrown Your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Posted on: May 25, 2017


Topics: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), General

Every business goes through cycles. As your business grows, make sure your system can keep up. So how do you know that you’ve outgrown your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System?

While your existing system may be operating just fine, it may not be as effective as it should be. Here are some of the easiest indicators that you’ve outgrown your existing ERP:

  • Double-entry of data – too much manual labour
  • Not enough accountability
  • Not enough, or not fast enough, reporting
  • Inaccuracies in the numbers
  • Too many spreadsheets

As a result, employees are wasting time, either with the double entering of numbers or with the time spent having to fix numbers that were entered incorrectly.

That being said, sometimes those clues are less visible or you’ve grown accustomed to the process and therefore don’t notice these sometimes-small details. Again, that comfort level does not mean it is the most efficient.

As your business changes and your business requirements change as well. Your current system may not be strong enough to handle it. For example, if your company has doubled in revenue, your current system was not set up to handle the needs of the new company, and thus change is required to keep pace.

Here are some questions to ask about your current ERP system and process:

  • Can it handle multiple companies or branches of the same company? Has your business gone global? Have you acquired new companies?
  • Do you actually have more than one system? Do you add more and more point solutions to solve various challenges?
  • Are the various system connected? Are you having to copy and paste numbers from one system to another? Automation is crucial.

When you realize that far too many of your processes require redundant manual entry, the data you collect does may not provide the insight you need to boost your bottom line. Consider a new solution that will remove the error-prone processes and provide you with real time data to help make informed business decisions.

At TGO Consulting, we recognize how important it is to have an Enterprise Resource Planning System that gives your more – more data, more seamless integration, more analysis, more time.

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