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TGO Consulting

An Industry Leader


TGO Consulting has shown dedication to providing an unsurpassed level of service and commitment to Microsoft Dynamics customers.
Doug Kennedy, Vice President – Microsoft Dynamics Partners team

TGO Custom Developement TGOprovides innovative business solutions designed to improve the productivity and performance of business units across your organization. Since 1988, TGO Consulting has been an award winning industry leader in helping medium and large sized organizations streamline and improve their businesses through the use of technologies.

By helping clients be industry leaders through the use of effective business software systems and solutions, we focus on providing exceptional service and delivering tangible results. We are positioned to assess every layer of your business. Whether you face financial challenges, customer management issues, business intelligence necessities, automated workflow issues or budgeting needs, we have the solution. TGO Consulting maximizes extensive technology resources and expertise to deliver a competitive advantage.

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