Workflow Automation: The Secret to Boosting Your Business Efficiency?

Posted on: October 16, 2015


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Workflow Automation Software

Think back to a time in grade school when you got in big trouble with one of your teachers.

Chances are, one of your punishments at some point was to write the same sentence over and over… Maybe it was something like “I will not talk in class unless the teacher calls on me.”

And it’s easy to understand why a tedious writing assignment would be used as a punishment. No one likes to do it, and there’s no way to get it done super-fast… ugh.

You’ve undoubtedly faced these types of tedious, time-wasting tasks within your business processes too.

But guess what?

Unlike the assignment your teacher punished you with, tedious business tasks can be automated. All you need is the right workflow softwarewhat a relief! So, let’s discuss how automation can help your business and what your options are for workflow software.

How Workflow Software Automates and Boosts Efficiency

Let’s think about that time you were punished in school again. Wouldn’t it have been awesome if you could have simply built technology that did all of the writing for you?

Of course it would have – you’d have been able to focus on more important tasks and avoid wasting your time doing something unpleasant. Plus, you’d feel confident knowing that the sentences were going to be written correctly.

This is comparable to how workflow software can help your business. Instead of you or your employees needing to complete tedious tasks, you can automate those tasks with technology and save yourself time and frustration while improving accuracy and streamlining your business processes.

Plus, automating your workflow makes communication easier because it reduces the amount of manual labor needed to complete tasks.

The Top Workflow Software Options

If you aren’t familiar with workflow software, you might be quick to assume that it’s too complex for your business to use successfully. However, that’s not true. Here are 2 options that are both intuitive and effective:


One great thing about PNMSoft Sequence is that you don’t have to be a programmer or incredibly technically savvy to use it – its drag-and-drop interface makes it accessible to anyone! When you use this intuitive interface to design workflows, you’ll find that it’s easy to make those workflows center around your specific business needs.

Plus, Sequence makes it super easy to collaborate – no more confusion among your employees!


SharePoint gives you lots of options – you can even create applications within it using HTML/Java!

It also helps your business by providing you with interactive, insightful reports and easy document sharing so you can make good business decisions and involve all of the necessary parties in the workflow automation process.

If you’d like to learn more about workflow automation, feel free to contact our team – we’d love to help you use technology to achieve even greater success for your business!