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Organizations need workflow management solutions that ensure they are ready and able to respond to the dynamics of their market and their business model, however unique or fast changing.

PNMsoft, a clear leader in the new generation of intelligent Business Process Management suites (iBPMS), provides the most agile and productive platform on which to create, adapt and deploy agile, workflow-driven solutions.

The iBPMS functionality of PNMsoft Sequence enables the creation of dynamic business process-aligned workflows the support and improve the way the people, organizations and their customers work.

Create, deploy, and improve your workflows on demand

PNMsoft Sequence™ enables any organization to rapidly create, deploy and continually improve the workflows that drive your business. Recognized by Gartner as a leading Intelligent BPM Suite, Sequence enables your organization to:

  • Create workflows using Sequence’s intuitive drag’n’drop process design canvas
  • Design smart, human-centric workflows that deliver new levels of productivity and efficiency
  • Operate processes in a collaborative end-user environment
  • Integrate workflows with ERP, LoBs or MS Office as well as federate process to any mobile device
  • Surface process metrics to dashboards and generate alerts email highlighting process performance and compliance
  • Host and manage multiple versions of processes in dynamic, fast-changing business environments
  • Extend business-critical process management tasks to any mobile device


PNMsoft Sequence is designed for Microsoft, so its smart workflows create new opportunities to leverage content and data from across the Microsoft stack.

SharePoint users can use its rich set of functions to accelerate workflow development and extend functional capabilities, creating new levels of adoption and ROI.

Gain more from your CRM with PNMsoft Sequence CRM (SCE)

With its out-of-the-box set of CRM functions, Sequence CRM Edition (SCE)™ extends the benefits of Intelligent Business Process Management to Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.

Powerful SCE CRM workflows are quick to create and easy to change without a minute’s downtime.

Agile, task-centric processes that connect to ERP, LoB, e-mail, and mobile devices radically transform the outcomes possible for CRM users.

Rich functionality embedded in Dynamics CRM may also be surfaced elsewhere, extending the reach of CRM to ad-hoc users.
SCE makes it easy to present smart, self-service web forms to customers and then launch any combination of workflows and processes required to expedite the customer’s needs. This reduces data capture tasks for staff, as well as improves data quality.

Built-in functions for SharePoint further extend the possibilities to capture or render content to and from customers.

PNMsoft SCE includes many pre-designed workflows for implementing common CRM scenarios, saving process developer’s time and enabling them to focus on the creation of value-added workflows specific to the organization’s needs.

Organizations using SCE enjoy the same levels of mobile capabilities as PNMsoft Sequence users, such as credit-approvals, order acceptance or SLA failures.

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